Raymond Timmer – Mr Leather Europe 2017 (6/89)

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© John O’Brien   © Raymond Timmer

Daniel will always be in my memory as a warm and compassionate person with silly humour which connected us. Making Belgian-Dutch jokes was standard and created many funny moments. Whenever we spoke Dutch, which he would preferred not, he would always start with in his opinion the most typical Dutch thing: “broodje gezond”… which means “sandwich healthy”. This to him was so typically Dutch as it is not healthy at all and we would always laugh about it.

When I met Daniel in Nice for the first time one of my most memorable and fun moments was in the little train on the Sunday. We were all in a very silly and fun mood and Daniel started waving at the people with his middle finger, like in the Mr Bean movie. The entire train of leathermen were laughing so much that we had tears in our eyes. Daniel has been an inspiration and a motivator to the community and to me as well, especially during my Mr Leather Europe title year. Daniel will be missed, but his legacy remains.         

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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