The Lycra fetish arose from the moment that Lycra was used by the Dupont company for sportswear in the early 1980s. In the 1980s, partly due to the rise of the gym culture, Lycra became extremely popular and shaped a whole generation. Then Lycra appeared on the superheroes on television, Spiderman (1977) and later in the movie’s superman (1978) and the first Badman movie (1989). Due to the success of these television series and films, a whole superhero industry emerged where it turned out that Lycra is the ultimate product to create the outfits of these superheroes. With the rise of the Zentai industry in China in this millennium, Lycra superhero costumes became available and cheap and easy to order through the internet. Now with the revival of the 80s some manufacturers started using the shiny lycra again for the production of sportswear and Zentai suits.
In the 80’s and 90’s a lot of gay men went partying in the clubs wearing Lycra. After the 90s Lycra became less popular in the club circuit and a huge group of diehards went looking for other occasions to give in to their fetish.
In the U.S. and the UK from the 90s on, there were popular Lycra parties given in the club circuit, Like Skintight U.S.A and Club Heros in London UK. (See Alphatribe nr 2 page 46, 2016. Gear: Spandex the ultimate second skin fetish by Paul Stag).
But not in the Netherlands.

The first Lycra/Spandex party in The Netherlands was in 2004 in Alkmaar. Mark (the founder of the Parties in the Netherlands) took this initiative because he noticed that there where so many men on the internet publishing pictures of themselves in Lycra and superhero outfits but there was no opportunity in the Netherlands to meet in the flesh. Mark wanted a solution for all that craving behind the computer and because of the success of lycra parties in the UK and the USA, the Holland Lycra party became a fact.
In 2004 at the COC Alkmaar the foundation was laid for the concept of the current Spandex parties. In Alkmaar, the emphasis of the party was more on meeting and admiring each other in the most amazing Lycra outfits. When after more than 10 years the parties moved to The Boss Bar in The Hague in 2017, and I took over from Mark, the concept became cruisier and there was also the possibility to have sex with each other.

Paul Stag talks to the lord of Dutch Lycra lover Edwin Van Dam –

Tell us about the Black Spandex Fetish Party 2021?
The 28th of October 2021 the Leather/ Fetish pride starts in Amsterdam and ends the 31th. By organizing the Spandex party, the same weekend, we want to add something to this fetish happening in the Netherlands, but not in Amsterdam, but in The Hague. To match black leather, we chose black Lycra as a theme for this party. Although the theme is Black all the Lycra colors of the rainbow are welcome. New this year is the presale of the entrance tickets via the website of The Boss. This also in connection with the corona measures. The presale via the website starts in the week prior to the event. If not, all tickets are sold through the website, you can also buy tickets at the door. So, order your tickets in advance via the website to be sure of entrance.
Just as before, there is always a strict dress code, and before you can enter, a door bitch will ask if you are really coming for the Lycra party and if you have enough Lycra with you and checks if your covid QR code is valid for entrance. We have a maximum of 30 visitors and they are of all ages. Fetish has no age and superheroes are timeless.

Once you are inside you can drop off your valuables in a bag at the bar because there are no lockers. There is a changing room So, you don’t have to walk the streets in your Lycra outfit if you don’t want to. Because Lycra is easy to fold, you can take a huge number of outfits with you for this party and you can leave your bag in the changing room. Most Lycra fans have closets full of outfits at home. Instead of being admired in front of the mirror or in front of a camera, there is now a willing audience were touching each other just makes the atmosphere completely horny. After you entered an you managed to get yourself into your slick outfit, the playground is yours. The Boss bar is a cruise bar and therefore gives you all the space to give in to your sexual fantasies. Mutual respect and respecting each other’s boundaries have always been an important theme at our party. Taking exciting photos of those who agree is always a regular theme too. Your superhero outfit gives you the opportunity to have your picture taken completely anonymously. Trying on each other’s Lycra outfits is also always a theme. This also makes the atmosphere hornier and more anonymous because who is with that beautiful body in that great spiderman suit, that only becomes clear when changing.

New this year is the lingerie theme. In recent years, there have been an increasing number of visitors who beside tights and Zentai, also love to wear lingerie and stilettos. Also, for them the fetish and the horny feeling of being touched on your second skin is a thrill, and your outfit is giving you wings. It has to be a full lingerie outfit; with only an exciting pantie you can’t enter a Spandex party. For info and ticket sale

Did you specifically target Halloween for your first event back after the pandemic?
Yes, we did. Besides the Leather/fetish pride, Halloween is always a big theme for Spandex lovers who are always looking for a legitimate occasion too explore the great outside in their Lycra and just like Carnival, Halloween is the perfect occasion.

What special arrangements are you making beforehand and, on the night, to be Covid safe and make sure your customers have a healthy event?
You must order and pay for your entrance ticket in advance via the Boss Bar website. Tickets can be ordered online one week prior to the event. As a result, we know how many visitors we can expect and adjust our measures accordingly. If not, all tickets have been sold through the presale on the website, you can still buy tickets at the door on the day itself. To enter, we use the corona check app from the Dutch government. With this app, you are able to prove you’ve been vaccinated, you’ve had corona or that you recently tested negative for corona. In this way we try to ensure the health and safety of our visitors. If you want to have sex there are free condoms at the bar. In The boss Bar we like you to keep it safe. We may have a new virus teasing us, never forget the old one (HIV) is still out there.

Tom Holland. Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019) *Filmstill – Editorial Use Only* CAP/RFS Image supplied by Capital Pictures

How tough has it been for yourselves and other European promoters you know over the last 18 months?
We are a non-profit organization and organize these Lycra parties twice a year. We are therefore not dependent on the income of these parties. It was therefore only a pity for us and our visitors that the parties could not go on. The internet ensured that we could still meet each other. After organizing these parties for 17 years, our visitors are loyal visitors, so we knew that after the corona pandemic was under control, we would start again. The most exciting thing for us as an organization was whether the owner of our location would also keep it up financially. If The Boss Bar hadn’t survived the corona pandemic, we wouldn’t have had a location for our parties and that would probably have meant the end. Luckily it didn’t get that far. We are not in direct contact with other European promotors but we can imagine it was a hard time.

What is the gay fetish appeal of spandex and latex?
Spandex and latex are the fabric that is used for the creation of a huge number of outfits for superheroes. An entire generation of gay men grew up who identified with their supernesses and had sweltering sexual fantasies along with it. By wearing a superhero outfit, yourself, you can experience your own superhero fantasy. There is often a Cosplay where submission and bondage play a major role, just like in the leather/SM scene.
But the mayor attraction is the love for the shiny slinky feel of the stretchy fabric on the skin and its incredible how many guys feel the same way. Its visual appeal, it emphasizes the curves of your body and telling you and others the size of a dick from 100 meters away. Lycra is stronger and more durable than rubber and simply more comfortable. It feels like a second skin and wearers often appear to be naked and in sexual bondage. Besides the obvious visual appeal, it feels fucking horny over your skin and genitals. It is impossible not to get at least a semi when you wear this stuff, caused by the constant friction. When touched, it feels like a horny electricity enters your body.

As it is Halloween and superheroes are so in vogue at the moment are you expecting some elaborate outfits?
Yes, we have a hardcore of visitors who want to impress during such a party. This is also the reason we have a strict dress code. Especially the Spiderman outfits are sometimes very expensive copies that are not inferior to the original from the film. At a Spandex party you dress to impress.

What are some of the best outfits you have seen at your previous events?
The spiderman outfits come first, but there are also the most fanatic cycling outfits that would not look out of place for participants of the Tour de France.

What is the strangest costumed fucking scene you have seen at one of your parties?
That was a group of 5 Spidermen entwined in a sex orgy with the pre-cum trickling out through the outfits.

Who do you consider is the sexiest superhero?

What are the weirdest things you find at the end of the night when cleaning up?
There is not much that I think of as weird, but I remember finding the remote control of an internal vibrator egg that one of the visitors had lost during the role play.

What other plans do you have for the future?
We just go on organizing Spandex parties as long as we can. We are a fetish niche, but important enough to be noticed.

How do guys find out more about The Black Spandex Fetish Party online?
We have a Facebook page
And the Website of The Boss bar for the agenda and ticket sale
And we are visual on a lot of dating sites. For us the most important site to make contact with other Spandex lovers is the Canadian website

– THE 2021 BLACK SPANDEX FETISH PARTY by Paul Stag & Edwin Van Dam.


Written by Edwin Van Dam

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