An International Fetish Pornstar in 100 Seconds: Logan Moore

An absolute legend in the European gay porn scene Logan Moore is the model who looks like a Hollywood actor and then some. A real gentleman with the looks of an Adonis and he gets fucked on film for our pleasure and boy does his ass getting nailed give us an awful lot of pleasure. He is one of the few European stars to make their name in North America too and he is most renowned for his gang bang bottoming scenes for the likes of Dark Alley/RawFuckClub & TreasureIslandMedia which are absolutely impossible not to shoot several loads per minute too.

We often wander what the state of his hole is like after these big groups of tops are done with him but somehow, he always comes back for more. In our opinion he should be the next James Bond with his classy look but we would hate to lose the chance to see him naked in the adult industry. Need to know more about this superstar in human form.

Where is Home?
The Netherlands.

How big is your cock & what do you like doing with it?
19cm or 7,5 inch.

What is you sport of choice?
Dance and fitness. 

What is your best scene to date?
My gangbangs Ofcourse, the more dick the better

Favourite All Time TV show?
The walking dead, huge zombie freak here.

Do you shave your chest, cock and balls ?
I only shave my balls. 

What is your favourite animal?
My dog (Dolly) of course and in the wild it would be a wolf!

The thing that most turns you on?
My nipples being played with (soft to hard)But before that happens a good kisser gets me every time.

The Movie that you have seen more than any other?
Resident evil 1 I’ve seen the most think over 100 times as kid but all the other movies from resident evil I’ve seen more than once.

How hairy is your ass?
Smooth as fuck, how I like an ass the most.

Who do you want to work for?
Netflix haha, I’ve done all the good porn studios already! Just I still would love to work for and nextdoorstudios!

Who makes you laugh?
My friends, they are the best.

Do you spit of swallow?
Swallow for sure and preferable shooting it in my throat! Then you have to swallow it, no other choice.

Your Favourite Holiday Destination?
Hawaï, Berlin or Austria! Nature relaxing luxury, underground clubbing and Fetish, ski adventure holiday! That’s why these three different favourites.

What is the biggest thing you have had up your ass?
Huge dildos from some amazing brands in XL or XXL size hehe but also some big fists. Hungry booty here.

Which one CD would you take to a desert island?
Who listen to cd’s lol?

Where is the strangest place you have ever had a blowjob?
Uhmm depends what strange, train, dressing room in the middle of a dancefloor. Haha in the kinky scene this is a regular normal thing I guess!

Which male celebrities’ ass would you most like to eat out?
Colton Haynes, I would date him for sure and did you see that cute ass of his.

What is your guilty pleasure?
Lays ketchup chips. But only once in two weeks I treat myself for one bag! Have to keep my body in shape haha.

How many times do you jerk off in a week?
Around 20 ish ….

What most annoys you about modern life?
Disconnecting because people are stuck on their phones.

What are the best and worst things about doing porn?
Best is traveling around the world and knowing that your make billions cum. So hot! Worst is that dating life is kind of impossible, nobody wants to date a porn actor and how more famous the worst it gets!

How did you lose your gay virginity?
My girlfriend wanted a threesome and that’s how I discovered I was gay. Then waited till I dated a guy before I popped my cherry.

What is one secret that your fans don’t know about?
Lol I think that I get fisted or can handle a fist haha. Never been showed on camera! 

What is your go to fantasy in your head just as you spunk your load?
It’s mostly something hardcore kinky, gangbang, hard fisting or other dom-sub scenario.

Name one person that is hugely over-rated?
Let’s not take that road! The persons who are over-rated know this from themselves!

Whose ass on film is the best you have ever fucked?
Caleb king, woof! Definitely look that scene up! Cockyboys

You love doing Gogo and dancing work – what tine makes your hot ass shake the best?
I dance on every beat hehe! But some good house popmix gets me dance the hardest.

You have been on the receiving end of a lot of filmed gang bangs how hard or horny are they really?
Haha that question many fans ask me. It’s hard for sure, it’s horny as well But in private setting it’s hotter for sure as there isn’t any pressure or camera angles. But I can tell you that you need some spa time after to relax haha.But my ass stays hungry for more. 

What is the Dutch gay scene like at present and which is the one event in your country that overseas gay men should attend?
Good question and we have several events going on! We have different prides in different cities and I can tell you they are all amazing to attent such as our pink days!But if I have to call one huge event it would be Milkshake. It’s the last weekend of July and last two days. Such a fun openminded event for any gender!

Where can your fans follow you & see one of the hottest asses in the world take a pounding?
@The_LoganMoore (twitter)
TheLoganMoore (instagram) (JFF)


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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