The hugely anticipated sequel to the 2013 award winning original Timberwolves from Raging Stallion the best home of masculine studio porn since the last bastion of condom production Titan Men finally closed it’s doors last year.  STOP PRESS – This film has just won gay movie of the year at the 2020 GRABBY American Porn Awards in Chicago so this is truly a must watch. This is a well produced fully fledged screenwritten story porn film that is entirely bareback. It focuses on two werewolf brothers living alongside a mountain town keeping their monthly night time transitions a secret. There is an out of towner which links to the first movie and a sheriff whose entire policing career seems to be based around fucking man ass and a host of other characters. 11 hot and furry top flight porn stars in total including some very big names. No money was held back in the making of this film which may turn you off poor quality fansite content for good. The movie includes AT favourites Brian Bonds, Adam Ramzi, Alex Mecum, Riley Mitchel and winner of Daddy of the year Jake Morgan.

© Raging Stallion Studios

The 6 main sex scenes (and there is a lot of exposition inbetween) are relatively interchangeable as they all contain duos (One threeway) of great looking classic tanned American tattooed muscle. That said we most got off on the penultimate sex scene between Drake Masters and Drew Sebastian as the former is the hottest man here with very ‘stiff competition’ and possibly one of the hottest guys on planet earth period and the latter has the biggest most vicious 10″ cock which would make any self respecting werewolf howl at the moon for the entire time it was in his ass. It is supposed to be where Master’s manwolf character is confused and disorientated wandering the desert meeting lone wolf Sebastian who shows him how to accept his true wild supernatural nature – spoiler alert it is by taking a 10″ raw cock up the ass and getting bred like a true animal….who knew!

© Raging Stallion Studios

The brains behind this movie is long term gay porn stalwart Steve Cruz who was a massive star as an actor a decade ago now turned into one of the industries biggest, most well known and respected directors and scene characters – we at AT have met the guy many times and love the hairy little bastard (he is 5’5″and a bundle of energy &passion for the industry). This all American lad is 47yo but took his time coming to gay porn doing his first scene at the age of 35 but he was hooked maybe he was seduced as that debut was filmed in the jungles of Hawaii – fucking a porn star outdoors on location on a tropical island…no way was he going back to his day job after that. He won Newcomer of the year in 2008 the first of many trophies and he starred in Two of Raging’s hugely expensive blockbuster trilogy all 3 of which are among   the most successful Top 100 films in history namely Grunts and Focus/Refocus but we guess he did not suck the right cocks to get in the middle film the cowboy epic ‘To The Last Man’… time put that infamous bottle of Jack Daniels up Ricky Sinz’s ass cowboy……..

© Raging Stallion Studios

As we said it won movie of the year and this has a budget that most other films can only dream of and will soon probably die out in this era of single scene unconnected porn rather than written, cast, produced 90 minute planned movies. There is some great make up effects here when the wolves change, fight and fuck and if you want a Netflix quality production with as much muscle and cum as you could wish for and you don’t get that in Stranger Things, then this is for you. The one downside is that the film does feature the overexposed Boomer Banks who looks out of place in this mountain town anyway, he was in the original but there is so much new hot talent around not seen a thousand times. A great movie with a star turn from Drake Masters and possibly the high point of Mr Steve Cruz’s illustrious career.  



Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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