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Watersports, in all its horny guises, is a very big gay fetish. Guys interested use the colour yellow on their gear. The highlight for many will be drinking some fukka’s piss, getting coated in it, or emptying their straining bladder over a sub’s face, abs, or cock and balls. Paul Stag, who has done a lot of watersports porn in his time, looks at the appeal of drinking ‘straight from the tap’ and tells you how to produce pornstar quantities of piss with just a bit of pre-planning.

Watersports is probable better known as golden showers. The technical term is urophilia (not to be confused with a Europhile – which means somebody who hates Brexit!). Like most gay sexual fetishes, it originated with the horny ancient Greeks who just loved covering each other in piss. Nowadays it is everywhere with special club nights devoted to watersports. There are websites, porn, escorts offering it, special clothing, and toys for it everywhere in the fetish arena.

Even the great and good have discovered the horniness of playing with their urinal liquid gold. Latin pop singer Ricky Martin even told Blender magazine that he loved giving a good golden shower. Next time you hear ‘Livin’ La Vida Loca’, just think that he is probably singing about shooting his warm wet spray all over some little Latino’s welcoming face. There are loads more celebrity watersports shenanigans online (the Donald and some Russian prostitutes perhaps?).

Legally, watersports is questionable in many countries and outright banned in others. In the US, the situation varies from state to state. In some places you can legally piss on a guy one side of the border, and be arrested for it the other side.

When it comes to images and porn, the UK and other countries are not as advanced. Possession of piss play images and videos, or viewing them on the internet, is illegal in many places. We are aware that this is not really enforced, but you have been warned.

This doesn’t stop leading clubs and events in these territories from encouraging watersports action. Many will allocate some space to piss play, or install suggestive equipment such as bathtubs at their parties. Promoters argue that guys will piss on each other anyway, and providing these areas makes it easier to manage – and clean-up afterwards. 

All the big clubs and events – from The Black Party to Darklands, from Pig to Hustlaball – have extensive piss action, so it is not difficult to discover it for yourself. At many leather bars like Jackhammer, The Boots, Ramrod, Backstreet, and regular clubs like Hard On/CumUnion/Biohazard/Brut, you will often find a guy or two crouched alongside the urinal. And often with the word ‘toilet’ tattooed on their forehead.

These guys give you the option to waste your piss in the trough, or point your very best flow straight down his throat. Many guys bring their own funnel to prevent spillage, so it’s unlikely you will even get your boots wet. These guys will drink a hundred plus different streams per night as human urinals. And if they have their ass in the air, then they are probably after a piss fuck.

When receiving a piss load, it is bad form to touch the cock. Just open your mouth (or close it if you want a shower) and let the top empty his bladder in you, over your hair or body, or over your erect shaft. Men are not always accurate, as many bathroom floors prove, so expect plenty of face splashing. 

The pisser may take the lead and put his cock on your lips or even down the back of your throat. In that case, get swallowing. You are about to get a couple of pints of the bar’s best beer in your guts. 

There are clubs which wholly exist for the watersports brigade. The most famous is Club SOP (Streams of Pleasure – see Now in its seventeenth year, SOP’s motto is ‘We recycle!’. You should be able to find similar piss parties in your nearest city of some size.

One of the promoters behind SOP is Adam. As he says on the club’s website: ‘SOP is a club for men into watersports, who want to meet others with similar interests. There is no dress code. Whatever you wear you will be made very welcome SOP welcomes everyone from experienced piss pigs to complete beginners, you can get involved in the party to whatever level you want.’ 

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What’s the appeal?

For tops it’s about dominating or humiliating a sub by pissing all over him or in his mouth. For the bottom it is the feel of the piss, the sight of it, the horny smell, its warmth and taste. A sub may prefer to bathe in another guy’s piss so he can feel it all over his body, splashing off his chest and face. Others want to taste and swallow the hot stream, guzzling it down and gagging on every drop fresh from the tap. 

For some guys, the attraction is watching piss slowly appear and then flow through a pair of pants, a jock, jeans, or other garments. They may enjoy a shower of mixed streams from a group of pissers. It might be a precursor to a stinky wet shag. 

And there is the fantastic piss fuck where a guy pisses deep in your ass whilst fucking you. It takes a special type of top who can piss and stay hard at the same time. A piss fuck obviously cannot be done while wearing a condom, so it is heavily associated with bareback sex (and the various health issues that may bring). The piss itself is safe and many consider it is good for you. 

There’s also omarashi, or omo. That’s where a guy gets off on watching another guy who is desperate to piss but can’t because they are in public or not near a urinal. Voyeurism, in all its forms, is a big part of watersports. It can be planned – for example, by positioning yourself at a urinal where you can watch other guys piss, or secretly as a straight builder, cop, or truck driver unloads. Some guys even place hidden cameras to catch the action (at your own risk!).

Many guys enjoy following porn stars into the toilets just to watch Dolf Dietrich, Logan Moore, William Seed, or Brent Everett piss next to you. Even mainstream celebrities and sports stars have to get their members out in public when they need a slash. So, go take a look at that pro footballer or rugby player’s huge fuckstick! 

At the ultimate end of the spectrum are the guys with a diaper fetish. They get off on pissing in their own baby undergarments.

There is also a huge trade in rank, pissed-in underwear and bottles of fresh piss which are passed through the postal system. Whether it’s the fittest stud with the hottest fansite, or the best-known porn stars, there are guys who will readily sell you a used jock, yellow stained pair of underpants, or a small bottle of their golden nectar. Expect to pay around US$50 to $80 – plus postage!

What do I need to get started?

There is little equipment required for watersports. You can easily do it in your shower or bathtub – alone or with as many friends as you can accommodate. For extended play there are several useful pieces you can pick up from your local fetish store or online. You can find piss sheets and trays to catch the drips, and adapted funnels or gasmasks to direct the top’s flow deep into your ass or throat. Fort Troff has one of the best online offers for watersports fans with their range of inventive add-ons. It’s no surprise that their corporate colour and branding is yellow.

There is also a huge amount of piss porn out there with most leading studios having a brand for harder fetish stuff. Take a look at Lucas Raunch or Titan Rough for two of the best studios which offer highly professional product. There are many other good sites to check out. We recommend STR8Hell, Latin Piss, Totally Pissed, Boys Pee Pee, Piss Twinks, Gay Czech Toilets, and Jalif Studio for starters. 

But the king of all piss porn is DickWadd Studios ( This legendary American porn conglomerate produces the nastiest stuff you will find on film. For 20 years they have employed ‘real men’, usually over 30, who are experienced fuckers and depraved hung pigs to do what they want. There’s a HEAVY emphasis on piss and fisting, and it’s all raw.

DickWadd also run the world’s most famous watersports event every July called Wet N Hot. It runs for a week in a closed, gay-only Palm Springs resort. Hundreds of piss fans flock here to play with each other’s urine streams – morning, noon, and night. The action happens in the poolside villas, hot tubs, play areas, jacuzzies, and in the pool itself. But beware – July is the hottest time of the year to visit the inland Californian desert, so reapply that sun cream every time you get pissed over. Salty urine on sunburn is not a lot of fun!

Filling the tap

We have all seen our favourite porn stars produce huge torrents of piss on film or on stage. But how do they produce these superhuman flows? We once saw French porn legend Francois Sagat piss continually for over two minutes live on stage. He coated all the other performers and the baying audience. Some stars can even make their flow reach over the audience’s heads to the back of the club.

DickWadd Studio gives their performers a printed sheet detailing what they need to do before they turn up on a piss set. Over time, many porn stars formulate their own systems which work for them specifically. The urban myth that they have tubes taped to the side of their cock is simply that – a complete myth.

In practice, porn stars will eat piss-producing foods such as cucumbers, carrots, or watermelon the night before and for breakfast. They often take Vitamin B tablets as part of the process and will always drink as much citrus juice as possible the night before. Lemon, cranberry, and pomegranate juice are the most common. Pomegranate also increases the quantity of cum they produce. Some performers will also take a diuretic such as Aqua-Ban or Xpel every two hours the day before. These pills induce rapid water loss from the body. A natural alternative – which is also easier on the body – is dandelion tea. A cup or two a few hours before a piss session will have you flowing like a waterfall.

DickWadd’s written contract specifies that the performer must drink two pints (just under a litre) of water two-hours before he is due on set. They then need to drink another pint (half litre) every half hour until called onto set.

All that water means that porn piss, as most readers have already seen, is pretty clear. It is nearer to the H2O that has gone in than the thick, golden steamy stuff you will get in real life down at your local truck stop. But boy will it flood out for several minutes, and over a considerable distance. And it looks fantastic on film. 

Alcohol piss is also fairly clear, particularly if you are drinking beer. After all it’s basically water and your body has absorbed most of the yellow nutrients. In porn, no director wants a pissed-up actor, hence it is always water, juice, or power drinks.

Watersports is one of the safest sex acts you can take part in. Not only is piss good for your skin, it’s even better if swallowed. Survivalists like Bear Grylls regularly recommend drinking your own piss to keep hydrated in an emergency. It will cause you no ill effects, keep you hydrated, and it will taste good as it slips down your throat. Piss is the golden nectar of man, produced my men, to be consumed and bathed in by men.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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