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Released for the lockdown this epic film has enough hot sex scenes to get you through a years worth of pandemic’s. In total there are an incredible 36 hot men in this film resulting in 18 destroyed holes that are left gaping never to close again after the hard nailing they get from a cavalcade of horsehung TIM cock. You get one on one’s, Three-ways, muscle foresomes with some hot ‘swap the key’ action all framed around a massive 17 man gang bang which will blow your mind. Unlike many large groups of effective unknowns this is made up of stars and this is not their first rodeo. Boy are those holes left red sore and wide enough you can clearly see deep inside.

In a sea of average one on one’s across badly lit fansites and Only fans pages or even worse free porn platforms about as erotic as watching Angela Merkel with her 3 year old used dildo a quality group scene is something truly to behold. Where to start – well this gang bang contains the real life fit as fuck Morgan Twins, Jason and Justin so we are in incest central here. The scene is structured so as the lookalike twins are the subs side by side asses up as the main focus of the other 15 guys and although there is plenty of other off twin play the loads are all saved for the real brothers asses – so that is 15 loads into one families guts and then some of the tops produce a second splattering of man batter for added brotherly love. The shots of their holes at the end will stay with you for a very long time as they both look like a bottomless Pringles tube.

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According to the Oxford English Dictionary the definition of ‘a gape is a wide opening – An example of a gape is a large hole. The word comes from the 13th Century, first referring to the act of opening the mouth and later expanding to refer to anything opening wide’. Anal gape is an official medical term and in the gay world it is veritable badge of honour. To do it yourself keep a decent sized toy in your ass for about 15/20 minutes without removing it if you do it for 30 minutes you could nicely get a 3″ gape on. Be careful to not rip the colon. If you do it repeatedly you will be able to take bigger toys thereafter or get screwed easier and with less pain, in effect it is training your ass and not enough guys do it. When fucked your ass will return to normal, gaping comes from sex toys or in this movie’s case tag-team fucking. The next stage is prolapsing which comes from repeated fisting maybe a couple of hours several times regularly when your ass insides can be pushed out into a beautiful flower – like a rose hence the term ‘Rosebud’ (Apparently that is what Orson Welles is asking for continually in the movie Citizen Kane when he keeps asking for Rosebud it is not his childhood sledge at all he is actually after a deep aggressive man fist in the ass).

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Despite the above HUGE incestual group scene you get so so much more here across the 8 scenes that we cannot do justice to in a one page review. There is current award winning current daddy of the year Jake Morgan, Alphatribe favourite fetish star Silver Steele ‘The Rimming King’, Europe’s biggest porn star by a country mile Drew Dixon, mega hot studs like Mason Lear and Topher DiMaggio and superstar Parker Logan not once but up in two scenes. There is some neat editing reducing everything to as tight as a 18yo virgin’s hole 96 minutes. There is so much sex here and it comes thick and fast – we have rarely seen a movie with as much bang bang bang as this talk about all killer: no filler. Maybe the first porno in history that does not require a fast forward button even on repeated viewings. 


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Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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