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Over the past ten years, one of the fastest growing fetish events in the world has been Fort Lauderdale’s Pig Week ( Orgnaised by the high-energy, sex positive, always horny, muscle bear Chad Bush, Pig Week has grown from a post-Thanksgiving sex wind down from familial obligations into an early end-of-year fuckfest celebration of the Pig Week slogan’s truism: “Because all men are pigs”.

For 2020, Pig Week will run from November 27 to December 6, and Bush plans to maintain the successes of 2019’s 10-year anniversary event by entering a new decade with the raunchiest of previous year events. Attendees tend to buy a festival subscription covering most of the events held across Wilton Manors and Fort Lauderdale gay and sex-club venues, with guest accommodatioons available throughout the gayborhood.

“We were going to get a host hotel this year, but we are really trying to keep the money in the local gay community,” says Bush. “There are so many local guesthouses and Bed and Breakfast places here that we want to make sure they get filled up first. Because we don’t have any big hotels here in the gay district of Wilton Manors, my suggestion is to book into the local guesthouses as soon as possible.  A lot of them are already getting booked, and we are having parties at a lot of them as well.”

Some of the local accommodations, which are offering discounts for Pig Week attendees include:

Inn Leather ( is considered one of the piggiest hotel venues in Fort Lauderdale, at any time of the year. Each room is furnished with a sling and pool parties are held every weekend for guests. For those traveling alone or in couples, Inn Leather is a great accommodation to quickly make new buddies and get to know them, inside and out.

Cheston House ( is a clothing optional tropical gay resort with a range of accommodations including guest rooms, suites and apartments.

The Big Coconut Guesthouse ( This new resort by established gay guesthouse owners includes a pool for guests to loiter around and get to know each other. Perfectly situated between the beach and the gay nightlife strip of Fort Lauderdale, this place proves you can have it all: easy access to men, beach, and nightlife.

Pig Week has become renowned for its gangbang lottery, where willing pigs can enter a random draw to serve up their ass to guest porn stars attending Pig Week, followed by any attendee who wants to get in on the winner’s hole until the winner can’t take it anymore. Respectfully, dual gangbang lotteries are held so that there are both filmed and camera-free options to win.

For those not lucky enough to get treated to the jackpot cock buffet, pig attendees will need to match that level of givers or takers themselves, but with over 60 events across 10 days, often with several parties in one day, it’s really on you if you don’t manage to at least equal giving or getting the number of loads (in whatever way you choose) as the jackpot winners.

Bush says one of the newest, most loved events is the Psycho Circus. “That event blew everyone away, even myself.  It had hundreds of pigs playing on the dance floor while fire breathers, dildo jugglers, and other circus acts performed on stage.  It was one of the craziest things I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot. It kind of reminded me of the old Circus Party in NYC in the early 90’s but a lot dirtier.”

“This year, we are also adding a Red Party this year as well as a crazier line up other parties to thrill our pigs,” confirmed Bush.

One of the mainstays of both Pig Week, and the fetish calendar in Fort Lauderdale throughout the year, is the monthly Fetish Saturday night event, Florida Fetish Rendezvous, held at Ramrod, 1508 NE 4th Ave. Florida Fetish Rendezvous (FFR) includes leaders in the Florida fetish scene, members of Onyx Deep South leather club for people of color, and international guests, all hosting demonstrations of kink expertise and opening discussion so novices and experienced sexperts can share and trade tips and techniques.

“We are going strong at Ramrod Bar, and we are now in our third year,” says organiser Miss Kitty. “We’ve had some great folks teach and some really good discussions. It’s very gratifying when people talk about how they feel comfortable sharing and talking about intimate, kinky, hot sexy topics with both friends and strangers.” In previous years, Pig Week demos have included introductions to cigar play and whipping and flogging techniques, for example.

Plans for 2020 events are already in full gear, says Miss Kitty. “2020 is shaping up to be a boom year for FFR! We are adding a meet and greet in partnership with Ignite for Women networking group, inclusive of non-binary folks. This will happen on the third Thursday of every month at the Eagle Wilton Manors,” which means it will crossover with the arrival of PigWeek attendees. For those arriving in Witon Manors even earlier in the Pig Week month, FFR hosts Cake SPLOSH. “Our Cake SPLOSH 2020 will be even more outrageous this year. At Leatherwerks on November 6, we will be raising funds for Trans Pride with the Sweeter Side of Kink. Last year, we had a decorated cake contest and this year we’re adding a super special ice cream flavor made just for us by a local shop. And we will have prizes and gift certificates for everyone who participates in the cake decorating. We are so excited to expand and to support all of our leather community.”

Miss KItty recommends Fort Lauderdale’s Wilton Manors as a worthy travel destination for pigs to explore beyond the parties, as well. “I always love supporting businesses on Wilton Drive and of course Leatherwerks and Stompers which is just off the Drive. There are so many great local places. You can spend a week eating and drinking right here and have a wonderful time. There are art galleries, the Stonewall Museum, the World AIDS Museum, live music, dance music of all kinds, drag shows of all kinds, fundraisers to support our communities, Downtown – with  even more museums, shopping and nightlife – is 5 miles away and the beach is 3 miles from the centre of Wilton Manors.” Pro tip: Miss Kitty recommends signing up in advance for the Leatherwerks newsletter ( to find out what is coming up and to get acquainted with the local scene before arriving.

International leather daddy artist, Chris Lopez (, has made Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors his home. His work, which is used for Pig Week, is familiar around the globe in leather and fetish bars. He runs a studio in Fort Lauderdale and is extending his work beyond t-shirts and tanks to homewares: duvet covers, shower curtains and pillows, for example. He also paints and opens his studio to collectors, on request. His work will once again be promoting Pig Week this year, and his daddy range of t-shirts are on sale at gay sportswear and clotheswear stores in Wilton Manors, including at Ball Sportswear, RAM and Leathewerks. “I have a bunch of t-shirts, they are printed by myself, in my studio,” Lopez says. “I have swimsuits and tank tops, alongside the new line of maculine home decor.

Visitors looking for a unique local gift for pigs who couldn’t get there, or to gift themselves, can buy his work at Ball Sportswear,. 2252 Wilton Drive. “The most popular items are always the t-shirts and swimsuits, I have a lot of designs, but the one that sells a klot is the logo used for Pig Week: people like the minimal design with the masculine bearded daddy figure. It is great to see guys embracing a masculine aesthetic that show two guys kissing, or that says ‘ love is love’. What makes me happy is that the people to feel very proud and you can wear t-shirts that are gay and masculine and can wear them with pride. Shoppers in my gear are so proud to show off their sexuality and celebrate their masculinity.”

Loez recommends a meal at Casablanca, 3049 Alhambra Street. “It’s so convenient because it is across from the Sebastian gay beach. It’s in one of the oldest houses along the beach road and an easy trip to Wilton Drive and all the bars and restaurants there.”

Every year, Pig Week attendees vote for the pig of the year,  “The winner of Mr. Pig Week Fort Lauderdale in 2019 was Tony Vega and he is amazing,” said Bush. “He is a perfect pig: sexy, friendly, and sane, and that is a hard combination to come by sometimes!” As part of the crowning proceedings, Vega was invited up on stage: “The smile on his face was priceless when he saw the 40 pound bouquet of Dildos come out for him.”

In 2020, Bush says that in addition to the fuck festival’s usual slogan/mantra “Because All Men Are Pigs”, as the start of a new decade, Bush wants to push the cock quotient even higher. He explains: “The new line for this year is ‘Are You Pig Enough?’ I am daring people to come play harder and really let loose for 2020”.


Written by Mark Boyd

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