All 25 contestants for Worldfetish Show Contest 2021

The preselections have resulted in 5 contestants who will be representing Austria, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Here’s a list of the participating countries in order of performance. The song they’ll bring remains a secret until the show on Saturday.

The results of the pre-selection (message from the organising committee):
The Worldfetish Show Contest started in 2020 as a fun project to entertain a group of friends, who were depressed because of the pandemic. There were no professional movie crews to shoot the videos, just us and our mobile phones. 
But thanks to all the people, who worked behind this project, it became a huge success and this year we had more participants, from various countries. We thought for a long time about how we could create a fair system to choose from the many candidates who could take part in the finals.

We were sure of several things: 
SLFC did not wanted to take the responsibility to choose from the candidates. And we did not want to create more drama between the different organisations of the countries. So we asked the jury presidents of each country to participate on a pre-selection screening.
During this pre-selection screening, the jury-presidents had the opportunity to watch all candidates from the countries, where we had more participants. We had more candidates from the following countries: Austria, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. 
The Videos were shown in in alphabetical order of the countries. Starting with Austria and ending with United Kingdom. The videos were shown without additional comments, not telling, who are the video makers / who is performing, or to which organisation they’re belong to, to stop jury members making decisions based on personal relationships.
The only instructions they got from the organizers, to choose the most entertaining video, or where they thought the candidates put the most effort in. The jury presidents were voting anonymously using a telegram app. While the jury presidents were voting about the candidates of one country, the jury president of that country could not participate in the zoom meeting, so he couldn’t see the reactions of the other jury members. 
We believe that we created a fair system, and we thank everyone, who helped to choose the finalists. Of course we wanted to create to every participant a platform to show their videos, so for this reason we created the program Worldfetish +, which will air on the 16th of May at 21.00h CET. 

The 25 finalists:

1 Hungary 🇭🇺 

Ryan Nagy will be representing Hungary

2 Portugal 🇵🇹 

Kinkylharias (Gear Club Portugal) will be representing Portugal

3 Belgium 🇧🇪 

AlexXa Divine will be representing Belgium

4 Sweden 🇸🇪 

Pawsome Pups feat. The Nordic Wolf will be representing Sweden

5 Finland 🇫🇮 

Holter Finn & Fetish Friends Finland will be representing Finland

6 Greece 🇬🇷 

Element Eclipse will be representing Greece

7 Andorra 🇦🇩 

Johnny Quesada will be representing Andorra

8 United Kingdom 🇬🇧 

Chris Hibbert & Tish wil be representing The United Kingdom

9 Luxembourg 🇱🇺 

Paul Feitler (Bear Dukes Luxembourg) will be representing Luxembourg

10 Ireland 🇮🇪 

Sam O´Carroll aka Pup Astra will be representing Ireland

11 Spain 🇪🇸 

Santi Noguera (SLFC) will be representing Spain

12 Denmark 🇩🇰 

Ralf Lauritzen Rasmussen will be representing Denmark

13 Israel 🇮🇱 

The Golden Boy´s (ILF – Israel Leather & Fetish) will be representing Israel

14 Austria 🇦🇹 

Kilian & LMC Vienna will be representing Austria

15 Australia 🇦🇺 

Paul Twiggers aka Pup Twiggers will be representing Australia

16 Italy 🇮🇹 

Markus Kron will be representing Italy

17 Switzerland 🇨🇭 

Wilma De Fritt & Benny (GearPoint & The Swiss Gear Heads) will be representing Switzerland

18 Germany 🇩🇪 

Robin and the Liontails will be representing Germany

19 Ukraine 🇺🇦

Ukrainian Men Fetish Club will be representing for Ukraine

20 France 🇫🇷 

Ginger Bitch & Lady Miss Tik (EvidencE) will be representing France

21 Russia 🇷🇺 

Big Fetish Foot (SPBLeather Club) will be representing Russia

22 Norway 🇳🇴 

Ambjörn feat. Mr.Leather Norway will be representing Norway

23 Poland 🇵🇱 

Wojciech Sochański (Bears of Poland) will be representing Poland

24 The Netherlands 🇳🇱 

Marcel van Doorn & The Marcelettes will be representing The Netherlands

25 Bulgaria 🇧🇬

Simon Loach will be representing Bulgaria

You can vote from any country around the world by using the Telegram app in the Apple Appstore or Google Playstore. On Friday we’ll share the links for both.

You can watch the show on Saturday via the Youtube Channel of SLFC:

Written by Jeroen Van Lievenoogen

Jeroen is publisher of Alphatribe magazine

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