How to place an order?

Alphatribe EU
Contact the Alphatribe EU Office:
+32 479 76 44 08

Alphatribe USA
Contact our US sales department:
+01 269 588 9100

Sending us your ads

We use Dropbox but you don’t need a Dropbox account to send us your files.

Magazine deadlines

Please take note of these deadlines and plan accordingly:
January – March issue: December 1st
April – June issue: March 1st
July – September issue: June 1st
October – December: September 1st

Magazine specs

All ads should be delivered in CMYK color and 300dpi resolution.

Alphatribe specs

Website specs

Allowed formats: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.

Medium rectangle (300×250 px)
Locations: sidebar, inline, in post grid

Skyscraper (300×600 px)
Locations: sidebar

Leaderboard (728×90 px)
Locations: before content, inline, after content

Large rectangle (336×280 px)
Locations: inline

Details and prices

Click here for the EU magazine and website prices (all prices in €).

Click here for the US magazine and website prices (all prices in $).