A few months ago a new business in our fetish community saw the light of day and has been speeding up its game ever since. Alphatribe talks to ‘head abuser’ Nick Sneaker about his adoration of used gear.

Nick, what exactly does your company do?

I try to make guys their gear fantasy come true by exploring my own while opening up to new things along the way. If people have a gear fantasy, they can share it and I’ll try to make it happen including pictures and video. I’m open to many requests, here you have a few examples:

+ Sending me your own or new clothes to pre-wear for you 
+ Choose together new gear and i pre-wear/abuse it for you 
+ Choose gear out of our stock
+ Tell me what you like, give a budget and i make a selection
+ Getting gear used by several of my Boyzz 
+ Clean, sweaty, dirty, broken, … 
+ Use gear and send me back to let other boyzz use it 
+ … Feel free to use your imagination

How does that work?

People pick an item and tell me how they like to get it back. As you can see in the selection above there are lots of different options based on what and how they like it. To give a real life example, I just had a guy that is really into worn/smelly Airmax sneakers. He choose a pair that I already own and asked to wear them for a week long. We discussed possible ‘toppings’ (no explanation required) and I provided him with pictures and a vid of me wearing them. After that they got shipped to a very happy customer.Of course, this might be just as wel underwear, socks, leather gear, anal toys … almost no limits. 

How did you come up with they idea?

 I’ve always been a great fan of sportswear and addicted to Airmax. I had a that time about 30 pairs. While I discovered the rest of the fetish scene at Darklands I started to get an interest for many other fetishes such as leather, neoprene, etc … I quickly noticed that I got horny knowing that I was wearing, using (or abusing) something that soon would be worn, sniffed or licked by someone else.

How is business going?

The demand has risen enormously so I now have a team of ‘Boyzz’ which are willing to abuse your gear. So now people can pick a one of the Boyzz of their liking to pre-wear or abuse your stuff. You can check out the Boyzz on Facebook in the album ‘Boyzz’. A few weeks ago I took over the entire stock of a gear store that stopped business so we have a nice selection available of own gear.

What are the most wanted items?

Mostly it’s socks, sneakers and underwear but I like people being creative. One guy for instance had me ‘fill’ a mouth mask with loads so he could walk around on the streets with my cum against his nose. Another guy ordered a full outfit of shoes, socks, underwear, shirt and cap. On all of those he requested cum and a fresh filled condom on top of that. I remember I was asked to choose an outfit for a guy that was sitting blindfolded outdoors with money in his mouth. I peed all over him and left him behind with new clothes to get back home. Most fun is when someone asks to send used toys like dildo’s, cockering and fleshjacks as I get to try all that new stuff every time.

Are you still looking for new Boyzz?

Yes I do, more boys in my pack are always welcome. As we’re ‘professionalising’ business, I’m looking for someone to run it together with so if anyone is good in social media, please contact me. And we’re always in need of good photographers.

How do people get in contact with you and your company?

They can find me on social media. For now, most content is still on my sneakers profile, but im transferring to the “abUSEDGEAR4YOU”  because I want to to open up for al gears  

FB: Nick sneaker & abUSEDGEAR4YOU 

Insta:  Sneaker.Nick & abUSEDGEAR4YOU 

Twitter:  @nick_sneaker &  abUSEDGEAR4YOU 

OnlyFans: abusedgear4you


Written by Alexander Müller


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