A history of werewolf lust

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Guest Author: Minoboots

With Halloween fast approaching, pups all around the world are excited to add a twist to their look. From a ripped t-shirt and zombie make up, to reimagining your favourite superhero as a very good boy, Halloween gives those with a little bite to their bark an opportunity to dress up and be the centre of attention – even more so than usual.

But let’s take a look at the pup’s distant, but oh-so-sexy cousin – the werewolf. He represents the primal and physical aspects of human behaviour. There’s plenty of sexy werewolves around but the history of men turning into beasts (and the men who really want to rut with them) is far more prolific than you might think.

Zeus and Lycaeon

The Ancient Greeks had several stories about men transforming into wolves, most famously the legend of Zeus and Lycaeon, King of Arcadia and the very first toppled top. Zeus, having disguised himself as a traveller, visited Lycaeon and requested hospitality. Lycaeon discovered Zeus’ true identity and found himself questioning the limits of this god’s omniscience. Having sired 50 sons from many women (stud), he decided to sacrifice his youngest son, the masculine Nyctimus, and served his flesh to Zeus during dinner. Zeus, being a god, was unsurprisingly able to instantly recognise where this meat came from and as punishment for Lycaeon’s inhumanity transformed him and the rest of his family from kings into bitches.

I don’t know why. I personally love eating out a jock.


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