A Hard time to Play

It’s been four years since I joined the leather community. I was a leather bag designer, and a key client wouldn’t pay up for an outsized order. This left me with my studio, some black leather and snaps, and $60,000 in debt. I made my first harness for a friend who overpaid to help me during that hard time.

I decided to continue making fetish wear, a secret desire that had always been hidden in the closet of my mind. With an open heart I imagined and created pieces for a new world—one that would embrace and celebrate more feminine and colorful people like me. Leather freed me to feel sexier and more confident in my own skin.

I became a leather designer without much planning, and since then I’ve grown so much. The leather community has given me the chance to travel to events around the world. I’ve made countless friends at conferences, shows, and sex parties who share my passion and freedom. 

Still, it isn’t always easy. The last several months have been one of the greatest challenges of my life. We at Mama Leather are struggling to stay afloat, but this time my friend can’t bail us out. The pandemic is affecting all of us. Day by day I am frustrated by a situation that no one can control. 

Without conferences, parties, and events, it is a pressing time for all vendors in the leather community. So much has been lost because of Covid 19. There is no one to bail us out. Fetishwear companies like mine have been refused government aid because we are considered sexual businesses, “backroom” companies too small to be counted as important in the public eye. 

Years of hard work and struggle are disappearing without a trace. Immense, multinational corporations flood the market with cheap products that have no connection to the leather community. Without anyone to speak up for us, small leather and latex venues and businesses are closing at an alarming rate. This is the new normal. I lament the many dreams lost to large corporations that value profits more than passion.

This terrible time cannot pass quickly enough, and I wish us all a speedy economic recovery and return to normal. In the meantime, I would ask everyone in the leather community to remember your local fetish wear producers. We are invested in the leather community because we know and love the leather community. It is my hope—along with many others– that we meet again to flirt and play as soon as possible. 

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