CMNM - Anacronym for Clothed Male Nude Male or Clothed Male/Naked Male.


This is a fetish that we have probably all done, fantasised about and jerked off to its porn without realising that actually, it is a whole scene in itself. Gay men who like to be naked surrounded by one or more fully clothed guys who may or may not abuse the fuck out of him. It is a very loose handle for so much horny sex and exhibitionism and one that you will want to investigate fully whether a Dom top or the ultimate sub. It is starting to be discovered by one and all and whose Fetish name has recently made it into the urban dictionary in 2010 next to ‘selfie’, ‘starfish sex’, twerking, ‘bosshi’ and ‘the t369 sexual position’.

Dictionary term – “A popular gay erotic encounter, either in private or public social locations where one or more of the guys remain nude whilst one or more of the other guys are clothed”. So far so horny, however, it is really something much larger and more significant than simply that. But first, let’s at least see what CMNM is and what is involved – on the surface of it. This will bring us into a lot of territories including Mormon’s, squaddies, milking machines, medical exams, ass-depth measuring, endless boardrooms and a whole host of sportsmen transferring to new clubs where a lot more than their fitness is being checked – so read on.

Firstly let’s be clear straights and bi guys may also be into CMNM but at its routes like your average rugby team or army barrack initiation basically, it is as queer as fuck and where homoeroticism meets extreme gay sex. Yes there are plenty of ‘straight’ guys who consciously or even subconsciously get some personal satisfaction, gratification, or even sexual stimulation from being naked with other clothed men, or clothed with other naked men – who knew ?, This is why it is so easy to pull straight guys in the gym changing rooms and pop their tight virgin hot as fuck cherries . For all the participants, the source stimulation or pleasure may derive from being horny or simply starved for emotional or physical affection. Whether this nakedness is natural, socially acceptable, expected, forced on them, or totally
exhibitionist, it generally involves either sexual arousal for the naked guy or the clothed guy(s) watching, or for both. Such is the attraction of this complicated scene. All acts of homosexuality are permeated through with male nudity but with some of the participants being clothed, we are fully entering the sphere of gay sexual role play.


The leading site for CMNM porn is www.cmnm.net which is very horny indeed and instantly you will see the wide range or themes which come up here time and again. We have medical inspections either by horny teams of doctors or endlessly sportsmen and coaches being examined before being signed with a particular focus on the capacity and depth of the ass by finger measurement which appears to always be measured which is why we are applying to be the new physio down at the Nou Camp or Old Trafford. There is a lot of military nudity with fully clothed officers, more rugby players getting into scrums with each other than the whole Six Nations, police and prison searches, extensive clips of what goes on in the something to declare channel at Schiphol airport and some religious stuff. It appears that lot’s of priests in full garb like to fiddle with naked men of all types especially Catholics and there is a particular problem of CMNM over at the Mormon Church see www.mormon.boyz.com which is where the salty semen in Salt Lake City got its name – these guys will have to say a lot more than three Hail Mary’s when the Bishop finds out about all the butt-slamming and probably why he wasn’t invited to the cherry taking party.

So CMNM is heavily roleplay influenced but there is a lot more going on here in this complicated exchange of sexual power. Firstly there is an automatic symbolism of Dom and sub with the clothed guy being the giver and the nude guy being vulnerable, subservient and having to take everything dished out to him by the suited, uniformed, sports clad clothed top fukka. Secondly there is a lot of CBT, pain and in particular, humiliation afoot here. The naked guy is vulnerable he is in an office with three suited and booted naturally dominant men and consequently he will succumb to their sick, twisted mind games, probing, their huge cocks and nasty toys that would have probably been rejected by the Saw movies. There is a lot of restraint going on here too which adds to the humiliation and vulnerability so hand-cuffs and ropes are pretty predominant and there is a huge sphere of edging forced milking and our favourite the milking machine attached to a fit sub’s suffering cock which keeps going after he ejaculates to maximise his pain and discomfort but still he cannot stop himself giving that second and third painful load of white creamy gold-top. Thirdly we have a huge dose of exhibitionism going on here. The nude guy gets off on being naked in front of clothed men, he may be proud of his cock, muscles and body or ashamed of all three but regardless will have a natural desire to be naked when others around are fully clothed. This voyeuristic thing permeates right through the gay world and comes from the porn stars who don’t seem to own a shirt on social media, to the guys strutting around gay beaches of the Mediterranean with their pork swords swaying about getting an overall tan. From the guys taking forever to dry their never regions in the changing room so that everyone can get a good eyeful, to the massive popularity of gay nude nights in fetish bars, our sauna activity or our desire to stay in nude resorts where we can check out who is a Roundhead or Cavalier over the morning croissants, to naked yoga and on and on tracing all the way back to the origins in the Japanese Geisha world 2,000 years ago.

Men use nudity and exposure of body parts, cock, balls, hairy chests and asses to communicate affection, friendship, camaraderie, power/control or aggression, and even disdain or disgust. Being aware of CMNM
scenes and being turned on by them is subconscious for many, if not the majority of males, fuck it…it’s in all of us we just haven’t worked it out yet. Many guys have now sussed that it as a separate way of psycho-sexual interaction and for some of us it is a intense form of personal, sexual, social stimulation and whether we are being humiliated, showing-off or being naturally sub the end result is the same – we are getting our rocks off and CMNM is what does it for us.

Once you think more deeply about it, you’ll be able to recognise and see its effects in buddy-to-buddy friendships, sports and athletic camaraderie, male-bonding and growing up, rites of passages for young
jocks, social events, public and private men’s clubs and social organisations, schooling, and even our relationship to our fathers and brothers or that dirty clothed uncle we had who paid you money to watch you jerk off naked. CMNM (like its counterpart CFNM – “clothed female naked male”) is becoming a category of human sexual activity and the biggest new fetish around.

There is so much of this stuff out there in our clubs, bars, saunas, porn, hook-ups etc we just now have a label for it. Clothed guys abusing naked guys and making them extremely sub, embarrassed, horny or whatever is central to the gay ethos well at least the gay fetish ethos. Just check out CMNM on porn hub for example and you will be wanking like crazy in minutes and then copying or fantasising yourself into the scene and you will have become a CNMN convert and when the hooks are in they ain’t coming out. If you want to meet other like-minded players either clothed bastard tops or naked guys that you can destroy at your whim in front of your jeering mates then try cmnm.events on twitter, cmnm-naked on tumber or the public groups of specialist extroverts such as at CMNM London on www.meetup.com. If you want to go further try www.strip4us.com and similar sites where you will be taking your clothes off wholly for the pleasure of a group of businessmen, a football team or a bunch of cops and then your ass ring is anybody’s. CMNM well we love doing it, watching it and thinking about it and you will too when you try it, maybe CMNM truly means ‘Catch Me Not masturbating’ but one thing for sure it is now in the gay fetish world and it is here to stay.