Hello Bull, thank you for speaking with me. Now it is really Bull, as in it’s your real name?
Yes, it is. When I married my Master last year, I was already taking his surname as a marker for a fresh start, and being his property. At the same time, I took the opportunity to legally change my first name to the one that I was already known as in my Master’s household. Bull Delamotte – pleased to meet you!

How long have you been into BDSM and Pup Play respectively?
They both arrived at the same time in my life, in the same moment of revelation. You might really say Pup Play was my gateway to BDSM. It was 2015 that happened, so really I am still incredibly new to all of it, learning and exploring.

Tell us about BeastPup.
I was BeastPup before I was Bull Delamotte. It was the title of the blog I started to write down my emergent thoughts of what being a pup meant, and to communicate with the dominant who triggered my entry into that world. I was already known in my local gym as “beast”, it was a smooth transition to call myself online “BeastPup” as it signalled what I was about, what I aspired to, and the type of pup experience I offered to readers.
I’ve encountered many forms of pet-play. My expertise (if you can call it that) being pups but I’ve met cats, foxes, ponies and even the odd dragon or too.


What is “bull play”?
It’s something very new, something not defined or exists beyond the scope of the few individuals like myself exploring it. I’m not the only one “working” on what their idea of bull play is, and it’s personal and individual to the people involved. But at its core it seems to belong to submissives pursuing muscle growth / enhanced size body modifications with enthusiastic dominants who want to share the journey. As more of us get together, talking about it, developing it, I’m sure in years to come there will be enough established conventions in the fetish that you could take one look at someone and say “that’s a human bull” similar to how you can tell a human pup at a glance today.

How long have you been bodybuilding and what started you on that journey?
In earnest I began in 2006, when I was 23. My adolescence was marked by being the skinniest, weakest boy in my school. At the same time my sexuality coalesced around bodybuilders and muscle growth fetish. Starting out as a bodybuilder was really rather inevitable; it only took me until I was into my twenties to get the courage to pursue it!

You are well known in BDSM circles but are you just as recognisable in bodybuilding forums?
I would say not; while indeed last year I won several IFBB medals, including gold for my efforts, I tend not to interact much with the bodybuilding world when I’m not competing. It’s not “my” culture. I’m used to doing my own thing in small gyms and keeping to myself, training under my own steam. I was working with an IFBB pro as my coach the last two years, which could have brought me some wider recognition but I actually shied away from being promoted by him.

You are certainly an accomplished bodybuilder, though your beefy, rugged exterior appears at odds with what is usually expected from a submissive. How do muscles, size and strength play into your fetishes?
Aside from having a rather obvious fetish for muscle growth personally, size-difference in a Dom/sub relationship is a lot of fun! Many guys will project onto a bodybuilder in the gay scene the dominant personality, they’re looking to you to be their top in charge. But being under the thrall of a guy who might physically appear smaller but is mentally, willfully more powerful – incredibly exciting and much more rewarding to subs like me.

How do you balance the different headspaces of being an owned slave, pup, bull and a person in society? Is there a difference?
Well, I am now in the position to be Bull 24/7, and the same goes for my collar which never comes off, even at work. So wherever I am, I always carry with me that sense that I am owned, I am my Master’s slave. In private, I am both slave and husband. Balancing those headspaces as part of a larger household is trickier than worrying about what people in society think.

You very active and open on social media, giving regular updates about ever-growing physique, your developing relationship with your master and your day to day goings on. What sort of response have you had to your lifestyle?
It’s been very positive. Very early on, even though I was brand new to the scene and offering nothing more than my emergent thoughts and experiences, I found people all across the globe reaching out to me, asking for advice or telling me that by sharing my journey I was inspiring theirs. It’s very humbling and I can only hope to continue use my gifts as a communicator to serve readers and the community in this way.

You are a man who seems to always be pushing himself to greater heights (or depths depending on your perspective). Where do you foresee your relationship with your master heading, will your desire to become
bigger ever be satiated and are those two paths intertwined?
Everything evolves over time, and I expect my relationship with my Master to be no different. One thing we both share in common is an exploratory nature, we never seem to settle where we are but always look for new ground, new experiences, new fetishes. Now we will be doing it together, which is a wonderful aspect to a marriage. But yes, muscle growth is one of those experiences we are now sharing… a bull can
never be too big, after all.

What’s in store for you this year?
I’m taking this year off from competing in bodybuilding, focusing more on settling in after recently moving to Sydney, and working on my blogs and writing. I can reveal that I will be visiting the US for the first time for a fetish event at CLAW (Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend), but beyond that – watch this space!

Thank you so much for speaking with me. Best of luck with your training, as a bodybuilder, a pup, a bull and a slave, and I am eager to see how you transform and grow in the future!