What makes a good Fetish Bar and where are the best and most piggy ones located. PAUL STAG spoke to many regular circuit event players/travellers, Fetish title holders, Pornstars and guys who basically live to get their asses into a sling and ride a wrist deep to find the best Fetish Bars in every sleazy corner of mother earth.

  • A true German Fetish Bar, very busy any time of day or night and so popular that as reported in a local tabloid the Cities flamboyant Mayor Klaus Wowereit new exactly when the Bar opened each night.

  • The number one cowboy bar on planet earth expect line dancing and very little deodorant – as the song goes save a Horse and Ride A Cowboy which is guaranteed here – More denim than any other bar on earth.

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    The UK’s longest operating gay bar and it is pure fetish, strong on BLUF Events and cigar smoking parties – very cruisey with great decor.

  • Sun, sea, cock and fetish. Bunker is your destination on Gran Canaria for the hottest men on the island. Basement, ground floor bar and an open-air fuck terrace.

  • So many varied Fetish nights but probably the Underwear ones are by a short hair the busiest. There are even showers for you to clean afterwards or fuck in – how user-friendly is that?

  • The sleaziest bar in Eastern Europe. The Czech Republic is home to BelAmi and Prague is easily the capital of the gay eastern block with twinks that will do anything for a beer and we do mean anything. A large cellar complex including bar, video booths and a large variety of rooms for playing in. Lots of gay porn showing everywhere. You don’t come here for the bar tbh but purely for the sex. They charge a hefty 200 crowns entrance which is free if under 25 years old although this is valid for 24 hours as this is a real 24 hour club. If you are pretty and cute you will get in free.

  • The hottest fetish bar in Canada full stop. Toronto the home of the massively successful porn studio barebackthathole is definitely the best place to find that lumberjack, Mounty or even Justin Bieber lookalike you have always been looking for. A true leather bar over two floors with industrial decor, a great barbecue and terrace in the Summer and many other great attractions. Colour/Hanky codes really work well here. The Black Eagle is known for having varying theme nights such as Pup Night, Naked Night, Kink 101 demo nights, even Rocky Horror Picture Show nights!

  • The best German Fetish bar outside of Berlin and there is a lot of competition for that title. In Hamburg, the guys really like their man sex sweaty, hairy and leathered up. In fact if you are gay in Germany you are given your first leathers at 18 years old and you are flung straight in your first sling – there is no young dance clubs with camp hands in the air to Kylie faze as it is Fetish or pussy and Tom’s Saloon is perfect for West Germany’s pigs of any age. Tom’s has been the number one bar in Hamburg since like forever and it has all the sling and St Andrews Cross paraphernalia you could wish for. Cheap entry and the first drink is free.

  • Not to be confused with The Zoo which is a mixed straightish nightclub in the main complex. Just down from the Yumbo centre this is a very new extremely friendly fun cruising bar. Spread over two floors with cages, mirrors, fuck tables etc and a very relaxed bar for gaps between the shagging. Good clean changing facilities and every time we have visited it has been very busy and oh so cruisey. This is the best new Fetish bar around.

  • A real piece of leather history where the spirits of a million leathermen that have passed into retirement or the great dungeon in the sky still linger. There has been a fetish bar at this location on Melrose Avenue since the 70’s when it was called Stud, it transformed into Griff in the mid 80’s and became the Faultline (named after the then-recent earthquake) in 1994. A lot of action to be had in the bathrooms and there is regularly organised fetish entertainment. The Sunday Beer busts in the afternoon are legendary and get very busy and debauched. A true part of the LA scene and leather history as a whole.

  • Basically, we could have put any of the great SLM bars in this slot but the Stockholm one just win’s out for atmosphere and the quality of the men – well have you have ever seen a bad looking Swedish guy? This members-only bar with its strict dress code has been number one in Sweden for over a decade. some nights it goes for a bar atmosphere and sometimes more of a club feel but the man action is always full on. If you ever see the letters SLM in any City you and your ass are in safe hands.

  • Simply the biggest Fetish bar in Scandinavia and those Danes have historically been a sleazy horny fucked up lot. Very well located in the centre of town just a stone’s throw away from the Town hall Square. Very big on themed nights especially Saturday with big events thrown over to bears, suit and tie, sports, S&M or their infamous Stallion events but basically you will always find a heap of leather, rubber and uniform any night in this very friendly shag palace. Copenhagen a real up and coming Fetish destination and a beautiful City too.

  • All big cities have an Eagle and they all have something to offer (BTW They are not all affiliated with one company) but we highly rate the one in Chelsea village in Downtown Manhattan. Very well run, great fun and so darn sleazy later on at night especially on the rooftop terrace. The bar is multi-level and a Big Apple institution with weekends becoming very hard fetish nights. The great Sunday daytime beer bust that even pulls in none fetish types to play with out the back or on the roof is simply off the charts and the best place in NY to let your hair or pants down.