Without doubt one of the most organised gay groups and types is the bear fraternity with hundreds of dedicated websites, magazines, club nights, events and hook-up sites in every city the furries have got their act together. Bears are basically hairy guys with facial hair and their admirers who wreak of masculinity and testosterone and are usually found with their hairy butts in the air at the likes of XXL, Come To daddy or the Bear Factory rather than in the woods eating porridge – eating ass in the forest maybe. Often baldness is an attractive bear feature but there is always an emphasis on the body being proportional so this is not six-pack territory

So lets start at the beginning , the term Bear was popularized by Richard Bulger who founded Bear Magazine in 1987 and it is thought he originated the term and the sub culture’s conventions after reading an article by George Mazzei for The Advocate in 1979 called “Who’s Who in the Zoo?”, that characterized homosexuals as seven types of animals with the guys that had hairy chests, asses and legs being the easiest animal to classify and the name has stuck for 35 years and is now a worldwide brand.

The bear communities principal being non- body fascist is inclusivity and therefore it has generally been known as by far the friendliest gay environment and whatever your build or confidence level around the gay scene you will get a warm welcome and big bear hug down at XXL or any similar event. Often bears are carrying a bit of extra timber and unlike the majority of the rest of the gay world here it is often seen as a positive and big lads will definitely get laid also age is not seen as a negative where daddy types are often sought as both top and bottoms which is evidenced by the huge amount of daddy porn available like ‘dads fuck lads’ etc. Bears are so well known in popular culture you will often hear them referred too in shows like The Simpsons, Jersey Shore and Glee not to mention the hugely successful show ‘Where the bears are’ starring the sexy as fuck Rick Copp now on it’s 48th episode. One of the biggest criticisms levelled at the bear community is its lack of racial diversity as there are very few black bears as they tend to be less hirsute.

So are you a bear? And if so what type? Well, it’s basically as follows :

Teddy – Hair on your Chest, back, beard basically everywhere.
Grizzly – A bear with a huge bushy beard
Daddy – An older bear type
Musclebear – A Bear whose size derives from muscle rather than body fat.
Cub – a younger version of a Bear with a smaller frame probably a sub
Ewok – A short bear but not young.
Otter – A slimmer or less hairy Bear any age.
Chaser – Somebody who is attracted to Bears or chubs but is not a bear himself.
Chub – A heavy-set man who might be described as overweight or obese often claims to have ‘rugby build’.
Ursula – A lesbian bear.
Goldilocks – A straight woman friendly with bears.
Panda – A Bear of Asian heritage.
Polar bear – An older Bear whose facial and body hair is white or grey.
Wolf – A slimmer Bear who is assertive or aggressive and is top.
Nookie Bear – A glove puppet from the 80’s


Top 6 Bear hook-up websites : – choose the bear fetish category

The Hottest Bears On The Planet:
1 Dallas Steele
2 Dolf Dietrich
3 Tom Wolfe
4 Jesse Jackman
5 Arpad Miklos
6 Heath Jordan
7 Jeff Stronger
8 Samuel Colt
9 Chad Brock
10 Brad Kalvo

Top 5 Bear Porn films:
Fur Mountain – Colt, basically their entire catalogue
Muscle Bear Trap – Pacific Sun
Bears With Big Wood – Pantheon
Hot Raw Bears – BarebackRTMedia
Timberwolves – Raging Stallion
….There are also many good titles from Titan, Catalina

Top 10 Bear celebrities – Non Gay:
Hugh Jackman
Ben Cohen
Gerard Butler
Dermot O’Leary
Thomas Jane
Ty Burrell
Tom Selleck
Burt Reynolds
Dylan McDermott
Ryan Reynolds

Top 5 Bear magazines – Comic strip

Internationally there are 28 bear events this month alone, see