We’ve all heard of puppies around the fetish scene wagging their tails but what about bunnies? Ever seen one of our long-eared friends hopping around your local sauna? Our features writer Thomas Swallow hadn’t either until he spoke to the Alpha Bunny himself and found out more about these elusive creatures.

What is it about the bunny persona that you identify with Is it a purely sexual identification or is there more to it?

I first started venturing into the sex scene in 2007. Within the first 4 or 5 years.. I had developed a sexual reputation at events like Hard On, Recon, SBN at The Hoist, The
Locker Room, Hotwired, Hustlaball.. basically anywhere where sex was at! I remember one guy once comparing my style of fucking to a power drill. Other guys at these various events, would often describe my style to a bunny – whether I did know them or not. As time passed I had gotten so used to hearing these kind of comments, that even I began to
realise it myself and I thought “I fuck like a bunny then I shall look like a bunny!”.


In 2012 I had my first mask created by one of my favourite fetish stores, Regulation. On that same year during the Easter Weekend the first of my Long-Eared Friends (to what I
nickname my bunny masks) I wore at a party called XXL and then the next day at Nudity’s Naked Foam Party. Besides my L-E Fs being the sexual identification to what I’m often told
how I fuck like – even to this very day! I as well have always wanted to appear even more unique from everyone else in the fetish scene and I am glad to have found that.

Do you find it hard to find other bunnies out there on the gay/fetish scene? Or is there an increasing bunny population out there?

In my experience in the gay/fetish scene I usually am the only bunny – which sits perfectly well with me. On certain occasions when I do see any person(s) attempt on replicating my Inner Animal.. I am nice but I know deep down that I look and own that role a lot better.

If there is a growing or established community of bunnies out there, are there regular bunny events on the fetish circuit?

As far as I am aware.. I don’t know of any communities and/or circuits for bunnies. If there are such thing I honestly couldn’t see myself belonging to one. For now I don’t mind hopping around whichever community/circuit that interest me like the human pups for example. I’ve noticed most of these pups have taken a liking towards my Long-Eared Friends when I appear at their events, I can even think of several who’ve expressed their liking in a different way; which had resulted me sharing my Creme Eggs – they know who they are!

Going back to the sexual identification with the rabbit persona, would you say there’s a more active or passive association to bunnies?

I can only say that it depends on the person. I’m versatile although I tend to play out more as an active but it’s not all the time by choice.

Puppies for example have their puppy tail butt plugs that are usually yanked out prior to fucking, is there an equivalent to that in the bunny world? Are there insertable bunny tails? And if there are, do you think that makes people perceive bunnies as being passive in the fetish community?

Again it really depends on the person whether they are active or passive. I recently Googled “insertable bunny tails” and found various colours of real & fake furred bunny tail anal/butt plugs. They all look really cool but as a sexually active guy myself; I would find it too much of a hassle in having to always remove and then insert these kind of tails back into my asshole after bottoming. Thanks again to Regulation and another one of my favourite fetish store, Fetish Freak.. I own several custom made tails with snaps, which allows me to either: clip the tail onto the back waistband of any jockstraps, on the back belt loop if I’m wearing trousers/shorts or if I desire to go naked then I could just clip the tail on to my leather belt or one of my custom made rubber belts and wear the belt around my waist with the tail resting on my tailbone and leaving my burrow always free for any carrot(s)!

Finally just to end on, how would you like to see the bunny community develop over the next couple of years?

To be honest I’m not really bothered. I actually would rather be THE ONLY Alpha Bunny out there doing what he does best in front of everyone. London, Berlin, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Paris and Lyon have witnessed what I’m about so far, I want to introduce my Long-Eared Friends in more cities and countries. Build up my current collection with more bunny masks and show them off at whichever event I choose to go to.