Simply the Best

Is Antwerp Leather & Fetish Pride the best fetish event in the world? What if I told you it was held in a giant warehouse down by the docks and it includes a fetish market, three huge double-tiered darkrooms, a restaurant, two massive stages, four contests, the X-awards, demos, live sex shows and entertainment, a K9 puppy area, dance parties with the biggest DJs, endless gay porn stars, and the biggest number of titleholders ever assembled? Not enough to convince you? Did you know there were 93 events – all held in one place over a long weekend and attended by thousands of horny leather and fetish men waiting to become cumcovered sex pigs when the sun goes down? I thought so.

Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium is a world-class event. In fact, Antwerp makes a very strong case for hosting the single best fetish event in the world. And lays down a gauntlet to the others to get their act together.

It’s all the best things in fetish rolled up and presented in one place – and it’s growing rapidly. Nine years ago it started as an event in a local bar – The Boots, but it has grown to become the ultimate fetish success story and the biggest gay fetish news on the planet at the moment.

Start Me Up

The festivities officially started on Thursday with Classic Meets Fetish early in the evening. Unofficially it started at the legendary Antwerp leather bar and sex club The Boots, a multi-storied pleasure dome with two bars and many sleazy floors in between. This place fills up completely on Thursday night and goes late. Showing up on the early side is not a bad idea considering that the entrance area is overwhelmed by the crowds that show up during Leather & Fetish Pride weekend. Get in early, get your drinks, and enjoy the action. Let’s Go Darklands, the actual event, begins on Friday evening when the market opens. All the biggest names are here: CloneZone, Boxer, Rob, Regulation, Recon, Mister B, Mr S Leather and, of course, Alphatribe alongside our little brother magazine Cerebral. We had the only bootblacks at Darklands to take care of your needs. Alphatribe was there launch our new website, which we hope you are already enjoying. Content will grow exponentially over the coming months we promise. We were also there to launch Alphatribe US. You may already have the first edition in your hands right now depending on which continent you live, love, and fuck arse on. Darklands also includes fetish games, porn shoots, photoshoots
(the number one fetish is having our picture taken isn’t it?), sex demos, and a variety of other entertainment in the market area. The market area itself is a destination – it stretches along the back wall for almost the entire length of the warehouse. There’s also a restaurant and, of course, the bar. And don’t forget to stop by the barber for a haircut.
There are four title contests at Darklands, the first one being Mr Rubber Europe which starts shortly after the doors open on Friday. On Saturday there is the Mr Superhero Fetish contest early in the day. These guys also have their own Superhero zone. That’s followed by the Mr Leather Belgium competition which runs across the afternoon and evening. Sunday finishes with the very popular Mr Puppy Europe. There are bondage demos over the weekend from a legendary puppeteer, and numerous gatherings catering to specific fetish communities such as the Skins and Rubber socials. Singers and comedians also grace the main stage. Did I mention there are a lot of events at Antwerp Leather & Fetish Pride?

Keep It Dark

When the Darklands market closes the lights go down, the music goes up, and the darkrooms explode with fucking, sucking, deepthroating, fisting, pissing, boot licking, flogging… the possibilities are endless. The floor becomes covered with that familiar slick of beer, cum, spit, piss, lube, used condoms, piles of used rags, and Crisco. The crowd numbers in the thousands. Attendants stand at the entrances to the dark areas with trays of condoms and lube while the subs kneel inside on every platform or lie in slings awaiting cock, seed, fists, and piss. No-one was refused from what we could see. All other Pride fests be on notice: the three darkrooms in Antwerp were by far the best equipped and most elaborately stocked I’ve ever seen. There were countless slings, cages, round tables for fucking the ‘lazy Susans’, and St Andrews crosses. There was a huge box, the likes of which I have never seen before. At one end there were glory holes for cock sucking, while at the other there were larger glory holes for fucking. Bottoms take all cummers – their feet in stirrups and butts hanging out while the rest of their body stays inside the box. From afar it looked like a pizza oven with only manhole on the menu and spunk the only topping required.
The piss area was designed so that men standing on a balcony could piss on us pigs from up above. And, for those interested in a little culture to go with their 3,000-man
orgies, there was a second storey displaying artwork by Rex, another thing I’ve never seen before. The floor of the upper storey was open so visitors could play, admire the art, or look out over the vast sling area or the action on the ground floor. There were an awful lot of big dicks in Antwerp to be admired, though we know some leathermen who don’t like THOSE…

The Final Cut

The last night saw no fewer than 76 leather titleholders and friends invade a local rib joint. You haven’t quite experienced leather until you’ve seen that many men in formal leather enter a restaurant and take over the place. As Darklands closes on Sunday evening, The Boots was the destination for later that night and once again it filled up.
Some practical matters: the vast majority of visitors to Antwerp Leather & Fetish Pride arrive by train. Antwerp does not have a major airport, so most international visitors arrive via other locations such as Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, or London. London is usually the cheapest destination by far. From there, visitors can reach Antwerp by direct plane or the beautiful Eurostar.

This year Leather & Fetish Pride signed contracts with seven hotels in Antwerp, all of which filled up well ahead of the weekend. Although the furthest accommodation is only a 30-minute walk, free shuttles connect the hotels to the venue and to The Boots (and there is plenty of naughtiness on them). Taxis are easy to get and typically cost between €12 and €15 to get you from your hotel to Darklands or The Boots. And there are always plenty of fetish men happy to share taxis (and loads) on the way home. Uber and Lyft do not currently operate in Antwerp.

One bemused taxi driver inquired as to what was happening. On a normally quiet Thursday night in Belgium, he had transported male customers from Tokyo, the USA, Australia, South Africa, and South America… this truly is an international event.

Leather & Fetish Pride Belgium is no longer just a great fetish party. In our opinion, it’s the World’s Fetish Party, full stop. Anyone who visits rebooks automatically. And if you haven’t been to planet Earth’s version of a supersized Sodom and Gomorrah, then February 2019 is a must. Cancel everything else, this is the one you need.