Editorial – Alphatribe Issue 008


The End of Condoms?

First of all, a small apology for not publishing our big Berlin article in this issue as announced. We’ve moved it forward to the next edition because, faster than we expected, Alphatribe is starting our transatlantic voyage.

Issue 8 will be the first Alphatribe with both European and United States editions. For the first time, Alphatribe US will be available at over 60 gay fetish hotspots across the USA. The move comes as the EU and US fetish communities are coming together more and more. It will be interesting to see the result of this mix in coming years. Alphatribe will be front row to tell you all about it.


Now, back to the title of this edition – the end of condoms? I’ve been on Grindr for a while
today. Result: seven hook-ups, all requesting bare sex as they are on PrEP It seems everyone’s on PrEP these days. If you’re positive, you just mention PrEP It sounds much better, even a bit trendy.

When you go to a party or club, you’re often refused sex when your prospective fuck sees you take out a condom. Times are changing again it seems. For many, the change must represent a certain sexual liberation. For others it might seem like they are playing with fire.

In any case, sex is ‘hot’ these days, undoubtedly a boost for sex clubs and darkroom bars.