Studio - TitanMennM Cast - Dallas Steele, Dakota Rivers, Tex David-nson, Micah Brandt, Bruce Beckham, Jason Vario and Jeremy Spreadums.nDirector - Jasun MarknDuration - 108 Minutes


This is the sequel to the 2014 hit uniformed
nblockbuster. You are in the very capable hands of
nJasun Mark who is one of the best directors around
nso this is as great a safe sex film as you could wish
nfor. Titan only employ men, we mean real men, guys
nwith hair on their chest and plenty of it, muscles
neverywhere and a non-existent deoderant budget
nand we love them for it. Here we get to find out what
nAmerican cops do down at the station, on duty, after
ntheir shift ends and everything in between and
nbasically that is uniforms around the knees, cocks
nout, asses fucked and eaten deeply repeatedly.
nNot an easy choice as you get 4 scenes loosely
nframed as different parts of the day down the local
ncopshop. Just shading it is the scene where Titan
nExclusive Dakota Rivers returning to porn after
na hiatus fucks the cop juice out of studio newbie
nJeremy Spreadums. These two out of the bunch
nlook actually most like they could be cops in real
nlife which helps the fantasy factor.
nThere are no models from Bad Cop 1 in the sequel – 3
nyears is a long time in the porn world and most of the
noriginal cast have already retired from the industry.
nThe location and director do provide continuity
nand it was shot in the Los Angeles basement of a
nreal-life law enforcer who has an extensive range
nof uniforms and props that Titan readily take
nadvantage of to great results again here.
nBasically if Alphatribe made condom porn it would
nbe Titan period we just love their movies. This is
na great film for all uniform and real man, muscle
nand fur lovers. The production values are so high
nas you always get from this studio brand and the
ndirector is at the top of his game. The downsides are
nthat every scene is very long which is a bit dated
nlooking somehow although some fans may prefer
nthis but it has been 12 long years since Sean Cody
nrevolutionized the length of porn films into shorter 8
nminute more online friendly versions (The average
ntime a guy watches porn before he cums !). Every
nscene is great but 4 scenes of duos including one
nmodel in two of them scream for some variety like
na threesome, solo, group or even outdoor sequence
nand Bruce Beckham is very overated, Titan has
nmuch better models on their books.


Studio - Raging StallionnCast - Hugh Hunter, Teddy Bryce, Pierce Paris,nand Scotty TaylornDirector - Tom MoorenDuration - 89 Minutes


The latest release from one of the top two produces
nof wrist riding gay porn Fisting Central. Based oh
nso loosely on the Mary Shelley horror classic this
nis probably as good an asstretching film as we have
nseen all year. Raging Stallion Studios welcome you to
nu2018Dr. FrankenFucku2019s Fist Labu2019, a mad fisteru2019s hideaway,
nwhere he conducts hardcore experiments largely
naround gaping muscle guys ass holes making them
nbigger than is humanly possible all in the name of
nscience which seems a good way of spending his
ntime as obviously science has now cured cancer
nand solved global warming so lets look into the
nstaying power of a porn stars ass muscles when
ntwo arms are inserted up to the bicep. Alphatribe
ncontributor Hugh Hunter is Dr. FrankenFuck in this
nsci-fi fisting thriller brought to you from the twisted
nmind of director Tom Moore.
nYou get 4 scenes here all involving the spectacular
nHugh Hunter who dominates this film. Even
nthough the other scenes involve electro, 3 big dildos
nincluding a vicious green ribbed one called the green
nmonster, more fucking and dick sucking and three
nways we love the basic fist fucking opening scene
nbetween the good doctor and his favourite monster
nBryce fo pure sexual chemistry and electricity
nthat could raise the original Frankenstein himself
nwithout a lightning strike. It starts with Bryce
nsuspended upside down and moves through his
nnext u2018treatmentu2019 which as the doctor explains u2018I have
ntwo wristsu2019 and then uses them both on the muscle
nass at the same time deeper and deeper as the
nmonster cries u2018Monster Hungryu2019 as his big dick gets
nrock hard and the doctor obliges until the monster
ncums all over himself…….how nice of the doctor to
nlet his monsters get loads of tattoou2019s by the way.
nFisting Central are masters at this they know their
nniche and how to film it. They get the hottest guys
nand just simply destroy their cunts for the vieweru2019s
npleasure. FC is part of Raging Stallion Studios
nwhich itself alongside Hothouse and Falcon are
nnow part of the worlds biggest gay porn producers
nNakedSword but FC is the grubby little pig section
nof the company over in the corner that no-one
ntalks about but are Alphatribeu2019s kind of guys who
nbasically believe that every hole has the capability
nto take a 20u201d dildo within an hour or two of meeting
ntheir tops.
nIf you are into fisting and want to watch very fit men
nriding wrists, arms, biceps and a whole lot more then
nthis is route one stuff and the movie for you. Fisting
nis rarely done well and can be boring to watch on
nfilm (even worse on stage live; in, out, in. out…..40
nmins later !) so pick your movies carefully as many
nare true u2018horrorsu2019 but start with this one which
ncarries the Alphatribe seal of quality and could only
nbe better if we there doing an on-set report and got
na chance to check for our keys inside Hugh Hunters
nperfect begging for it sphincter which does no get
nstretched here but is crying out for it. If Tom Cruiseu2019s
ndisappointing Mummy film hasnu2019t fucked it up the
nUniversal u2018Dark Universeu2019 were moving onto update
nFrankenstein and that could only mean we get a
nsequel or two from Dr. Frankenfist and they would
nbe true assbusters, sorry we mean blockbusters.