The definition of an Italian stallion, Wolf Rayet is a massive European pornstar who has achieved what most other Euro lads can’t and that is break America – he is a true WorldWide star. This former Lucas Entertainment Exclusive seems to get furrier, hairier and sexier each year. He has the choice of the best cocks and asses to play with but what does he like to stick up his ass in his downtime. What is in the hottest Italian man alive’s Toybox ?

Basically I’m one of the guys out there who is not at all into vanilla sex, which simply bores me. I define myself as a filthy sex lover and filthy sex is actually what I look for… sex toys, soft BDSM, spitting, violence, and whatever it helps sex with hot men to turn out into spicy action. Dildos are definitely my first choice when it comes to fun with sex toys. I firstly started with regular ones when I was a newbye, then went to large ones and finally opted for a massive one (30ish cm and impressive girth), my boyfriend is so happy when he plays with that on (in) me.

Next purchase will be butt plugs for sure, I aim at stretching my hole for some fist fuck… but this will take time! Leather stuff is another fetish of mine: tight harnesses to be used by hot hunks for grabbing and fucking me hard and only wearing jockstraps on, collars and handcuffs for feeling that beautiful sensation of domination and complete submission. I recently found interest in rubber clothing as well when I had to shoot a scene dressed up in latex. It was a totally new thing to me and I instantly loved that feeling on my skin. That made me horny so quick, I’ll definitely buy one of those pierced shorts! By the way, stay tuned and alerted for new upcoming hot porn releases.


My taste in toys and gear is pretty widespread i love Fort Troff collars and cuffs, my favourite jock straps are from Addicted and the best Rubber stuff in the World in my opinion is from Mister B.

So don’t be shy and always take the most from sex, and even dare… You can’t guess how satisfying could be discovering new sexual experiences, from everytime life – have you ever imagined that kitchen is a hidden endless source of inspiration for sex? – to fetish parties and clubs.