by Misha

In 2006 AOL has released a database of search terms where it was shown that the most common word next to word ‘fetish’ was ‘feet’. And according to a fetish study from the Bologna University, it was concluded that 47% of the respondents preferred feet and toes to other non-sexual objects of worship. Whether or not due to the fact that the sensory neurons for feet and genitals are adjacent in our brain, most of the people whose feet I touched using my hands, my lips or my tongue have provided a positive feedback, whether during or after the process!

Personally for me, the admiration of the male foot started early in my teens growing up in a desert region of Central Asia where the summer lasts from May to October. It has somehow grown to become a joy to my eyes watching men strut the streets in dress sandals, open-toe slippers and flip-flops as soon as the weather got warm. The well-manicured toes on a manly foot have become an object of visual fixation not only due to the phallic shape but also because the normally tucked and hidden body part was bare on display. It was not until I moved to New York in my late teens that I knew what to actually do with this admiration, how to apply it in practice. Still a poor foreign student, I had to use the public library internet to search for something gay and kinky.


Numerous pictures downloaded and videos watched later, it was the time to confront my demon and attend a foot fetish party to see how it’s done! Disgusted by the ‘creepiness’ of what I saw, I left the place shortly after – this was not how I had imagined it all! I did not know whether I was shocked or disappointed but I put the idea of materializing my admiration to rest. Until several months later, that is… when I went on a date with a handsome and intelligent Jewish boy who stayed in his relative’s apartment in the chic Manhattan’s Upper East Side. After a couple of cocktails into the date, we found ourselves frolicking naked in his aunt’s bedroom. Having sufficiently pleasured each other orally, and then anally, it was during a minute of rest that he grabbed my foot, placed it against his face and started slowly shoving his tongue between my toes and then sucking each of them one-by-one! Every move and every turn of his tongue was a type of mini-orgasm that I had never experienced before as I did not want it to stop!

It goes without saying that, looking back, it did not take me long to understand the crazy euphoria on the faces of the attendees’ of the foot fetish club that I hastily left scared several months back!
Years gone by, not only have I resumed the occasional attendance of the gay foot gatherings but also further explored my fetish with as many dates as possible! Not every sex partner is open to it, as I would not expect them to be, but massaging the feet, licking the soles, or sucking the toes will more likely than not be welcomed due to the high concentration of nervous endings, as many as 200,000 per sole to be precise! That is not to say that our feet carry the entire body weight, which rightfully makes them one of the most fatigued parts of our body. So if you want your lover skill score to go higher, you may try starting to go lower!