How did you experienced the MLE weekend?
The MLE (and MLN) weekend was extremely special for me for several reasons. Of course the most important one is that I actually won the title MLE 2017, this is a great honor for me and the icing on the cake to finish of my Mr. Leather Amsterdam year. To have all my friends in my hometown Amsterdam for this event made it an unforgettable experience. My stepdown was on Friday, where I was the co-host of the show and jury member for the first ever Mr. Leather Netherlands 2018. On the Saturday I was a candidate again, and was sash-less for a day. It was an honor to have been able to receive the title from Joe King and be with Thorsten on stage. This year’s Amsterdam Leather Pride had a great vibe, and it showed that Amsterdam still has it and the leather scene is growing again. I loved the energy in the city this weekend. I can say I’m a proud and privileged man.

You have some big footsteps to fill after Thorsten and Joe. What are your strongest qualities as a “mister”? You’ve got that right! I have a deep respect and admiration for these two amazing men. When I started this journey as Mr. Leather Amsterdam I did not even think I would have a chance of stepping in their footsteps. Thorsten and Joe have set a high standard and have done many great things for the community, both in their own unique way. I always have a positive and open attitude. I am approachable to all types of people in the community. I am confident and am good in bringing people together. I think I am a good communicator and I have built up a good network within Europe.

What will be your biggest challenge as Mister Leather Europe? There will be several challenges along the way, but I think it is the biggest challenge to unite the clubs and groups within the European scene.
We are all one family with the same interest and goals. Having said this there is dividing and disputes going on in Europe. I think it will be very important for me to work with everybody and not exclude anybody. We must realize we do all this for the people in the community. We as misters and clubs serve our members, followers, admirers and visitors of the events. Many men (and women) use leather, kink, BDSM, etc. not only as a sexual relieve but also to feel safe, meet friends and feel comfortable being with
others who are likeminded people. Have an open mind and leave your ego at home.


Our readers love to read some personal things. What is your most favorite piece of clothing, accessory to wear and why?
I hope I don’t disappoint the readers if I say I don’t really have one favorite piece. Clothes do not show my personality. My personality is the same in any type of clothing. Leather does give me a good feeling and makes me feel more confident. I love all my leather but when I feel a bit slutty I love my leather jockstrap and harness, I auctioned one of my jocks away for the #chechnya100 auction in Amsterdam during Leather Pride.

What message would you like to give to our readers?
We’re in exciting times and the leather scene seems to be working on a revival. The energy is great and I want to tap in to this with all of you. I want to thank everybody for all the great support and energy you have given me last year and during the MLE 2017 election. Don’t forget, the misters and I are here to be ambassadors. Your participation and input is encouraged and welcome. Let’s use the positive momentum and push our leather community to another level.