The world’s biggest porn star is back

Francois Sagat is arguably the most famous gay porn star of this millennium, and now he is back. Debuting in 2005, the Paris-based star was instantly in massive demand right across the globe. He appeared in over 65 major films – some of which have gone on to become the most famous porn movies in history.

Sagat was last seen in gay porn in 2012 in Incubus Part 2 which he also directed. But the following year, he announced online that he was retiring. He then became even more successful with his art, music, film, and video projects, and the launch of his own clothing brand.


Then suddenly he is back, sitting on the thick shaft of British porn phenomenon Paddy O’Brian. Exactly 10 years after he won Performer of the Year at the 2007 GayVN awards, the gay porn industry is still coming to terms with the fact that its biggest name is back. Paul Stag spoke exclusively to Francois and, the studio behind his comeback, to find out what enticed this legend back in front of the cameras.

Let’s start with the big news – we all saw your 15-second ‘Disneyland’ retirement clip in 2013 online, but now, to the excitement and delight of your fans, you are back doing gay porn – what’s the story?
Well it was 2013, I was really ‘not into it’. My commitment wasn’t there and I made the decision as it just wasn’t fun anymore. But now I have changed my mind, yes.
I said in an interview that If I came back to porn after retirement it would be because I was ‘desperate’. Is that the case today? Maybe… Am I bored lately? YES! Do I need extra cash? Everyone needs that. But the main thing that’s missing, and the real truth, is that I’m a fucking exhibitionist and I love to have sex on camera… That’s all. I have been missing the shoots, but also hanging out with boys from different studios, countries, and the crews. I missed it and it’s FUN. Filming gay porn is fun so I’m back.

Is the ‘Dream Fucker’ scene for with Paddy O’Brian a one off, or is there more on the way?
It is the first of three united scenes on the same subject: DREAM, Fantasy, and Sensorial Connexion. I am very happy with this first scene, but parts two and three are fantastic. I am very proud of them and it was great working with the team. (At the time of filming, Francois was only 36-years-old, so hopefully we can look forward to two more decades of hot scenes from this Gallic stud!)

What do you think of the current state of the gay porn industry in 2017? There are a lot more older ‘daddy’ stars like Rocco Steele, Dolf Dietrich, and Dallas Steele, and bareback studios are dominating thanks to PrEP And of course every star is starting their own online production studio?
I have no specific opinion, except that I also jerk off to a lot of that porn and it’s hot. I don’t think we should overanalyse the global gay porn industry. It evolves, that’s the way it is. PrEP is PrEP, it’s giving a new perspective technically speaking, which is good for the viewers!
We are not in the VHS/DVD era anymore… that’s long gone. There were few studios and few porn superstars back then. But today is today and there are a lot of new and appealing forms of sexual expression and pornography. I wish I had the balls to launch my own porn website, but I don’t think this is something I’m capable of… it seems too abstract. I don’t know.
But how long is this going to last before new mutations and strains emerge! Zombie porn?? Oh well, I did it first with BruceLaBruce! I love daddies and I love BelAmi, basically I love all men.

Which studios, directors and stars do you admire and who gets you off?
I watch gay porn, I jerk off a lot… I watch dirty stuff, vanilla stuff, young, musclemen, jocks, bears… everything.
I am more aroused by strangers or unknown performers. I’ve had a big crush on Brandon (Sean Cody) since the very first scene I saw him in… the way he is passionate on camera. My first porn obsession was Dred Scott for TitanMen in the early 2000s, and he still is a fantasy.
I’m not into bondage myself, but it’s so aesthetic to watch. BoundGods,…. I think many of those scenes are timeless and I’ve always been fond of the classical masculine TitanMen features (his home studio for many years) mixed with hardcore fetish practices. I’ve never worked for ChiChi, but that would be great… she’s a superstar.

Your last adult film was Incubus Parts 1 & 2 in 2011/12 when you had full control to write, produce, cast, and direct. How was working behind the camera instead of in front of it?
I’m super happy that I tried it and did it this way, but I really don’t think I have the skills to be a great director… maybe just an art director? Directing actors is so technical and outside of my comfort zone… damn!
I’m glad that Incubus did well despite my non-commercial ideas and script. We managed to create a really great porn product, with great sex, great visuals, action, effects and that was the goal. And that ‘movie pack’ is MEMORABLE at least!

Your gay porn ‘retirement’ in 2013 actually seemed to start one of the busiest and most creative times of your life. When you look back on the last five years, what highlights spring to mind and what are you most proud of?
I like to move on and not look back too much. But…
It was a little bit arrogant of me to think that I, and the public, would be able to forget my porn career. You don’t sweep 6 or 7 years of porn under the carpet and then pretend to be an artist or art performer or a muse. I hate this word ‘muse’. I never really said that, but it’s the perception most people had.
There were some mistakes, some lazy choices as well, and some marvellous decisions.
The last five years have been a transition. I think that I’m always in this transient state of mind, at least that’s what makes me want to move forward.

You’re a successful mainstream movie actor, adult performer, fashion model, brand and clothes designer, video performer, music producer, director, artist, star of documentaries… What is your priority now and what area do you want to focus on most going into the future?
Well, you may have said it, but I think ‘successful’ is just one angle. My perception is that NOTHING or no area is wholly me. I’m still not accomplished in most of those areas, and all of that stays behind for now.
I am not currently working on anything that keeps me busy every day of the week. I have no current ‘career plan’, I have no project to rule the world… And I’m a little bit sceptical at the moment… we will see!
At the moment I am excited about being part of a new music video project with the amazing singer Sevdaliza. It’s called Bluecid: Sevdaliza – Bluecid

You have the most famous tattoos in gay porn, especially your legendary scalp tattoo. How do you feel about them now?
My head tattoo has never been retouched since it was done 14 years ago. It’s fading away and I’m so happy about it now… this is the smartest thing I’ve ever done in my life LOL. As for the other tattoos: they’re DUMB.

Outside your many work projects, what interests Francois Sagat personally? And, as your endless number of fans want to know, are you still single?
I may not be single anymore in 2018!

How can your fans follow you online and stay in touch with the world of Francois Sagat and its many exciting facets?
The most radical way would be to follow me on Instagram… yeah I know! @francoisssagat (with three ‘s’)
and Twitter @SagatFrancois with more NSFW content…
and for more specific updates.