The general rule of fetish is to try everything once to find out what you might be missing and what works for you. If you don’t enjoy something, just don’t repeat it and move onto the next thing.
Electro sex is the exception, most guys never experience it. But those that do love it, never look back, and want to experiment with it endlessly. We have never heard of anyone saying, ‘I tried electro and it did nothing for me’. So maybe it’s time to give it a go?

Electro can be used for both pain and pleasure and is excellent for riding the thin line between the two. You can use electro to gently bring yourself off hands-free, or tie a sub down and get a generator out to re-enact your favourite Vietnam torture scene on his bollocks. It’s also the best thing on earth for cock edging.
A little bit of science to start with. The body is largely made up of water which is a superb carrier of electricity. Our body water connects to all our nerve endings and can give any targeted part of the body a nice tingling sensation, or a pure torture chamber scenario that would crack the toughest Marine. Every part of the body is fair game, but obviously the cock, balls, ass, and nips are most targeted in sex play (unless you are joining the American secret service).

There are some safety issues to consider. Number one: DO NOT PASS ANY CURRENT THROUGH THE HEART! Electro is extremely safe if done properly. Just remember it is based on creating a circuit, and part of that circuit is inside your body. Until you are experienced, keep electro south of the waist for the sake of safety. The nipples can wait for later experimentation. Even when you get to that stage, it makes sense to electrocute one nip and the guys privates, rather than both nips.


Other safety tips: do not use piercings as electrodes, don’t target broken skin, don’t use it if you have a pacemaker, remove metal jewellery as it may become hot, and, of course, read the instructions.

You will need a proper kit so please don’t bring a generator back from the workshop and plug it directly into your boyfriend’s cockeye. The best suppliers are Electra Stim (www.electrastim.co.uk) and E-Stim (www.e-stim.co.uk). You can find both at all your local sex shop or online. A good basic starter pack will set you back about €100 and you will never look back.

Let’s look at the pleasure side first. Electro pleasure comes in two forms: either you do things to yourself or your partner. The basic default attachment is a couple of sticky pads. You can stick them to whichever part of the body you wish to stimulate (NOT THE HEART AREA!). Gently turn up the power and start getting excited. Obviously, if you target your erogenous zones, you will get a great result. You will have a lot of fun creating electric circuits using a mixture of your cock, balls, and asshole. But do experiment! It is just as horny if you put one of the pads on your inner thigh or even the sole of your foot.

You can adjust the settings to create electric pulses, waves, escalating stimulation, or a continuous shock. One thing is for sure, when you work out what does it for you, you will cum like Dumbo repeatedly. You can even train your dick for the ultimate prize, multiple orgasms.

Alongside electro is edging. This is where you bring yourself or partner close to shooting many times before backing off. This creates added stimulation in the nerve endings of your cock and, in particular, your ass. Of course your balls will ache like fuck and be begging for release. After edging, when you finally let the troops go over the top, you will have an ejaculation to remember. You will probably scream the house down and continue moaning in extended pleasure like a 12-inch Donna Summer record as you whitewash the ceiling with your spunk. You’ll project your load a good six-inches and turn your best swimmers into gold medal Olympic long jumpers.

You can (and should) get other attachments in addition to the basic pads. There are dildos made from silicone or metal which can obviously send a national grid’s worth of electricity up your back passage right onto your G-spot. It will probably give you the hardest erection of your life and may even take your eye out as your cock will be pointing due north. There are also rings which you can place along the length of your shaft. The best, around the base of your cockhead, will make you more excited than if you were getting a blowjob from Ryan Gosling and Kit Harington at the same time. There are also scrotal rings if you want to give your seed sacks a good frying, and clamps that can clip onto the skin anywhere including the nips (but see safety above). There are also a wide range of wands, flexes, electro-paddles, and pinwheels for you to discover at your pleasure.

The one sure fire thing with electro is you won’t ever get bored. So if you are in a 20-year relationship and want to liven things up in the bedroom, this may be a much better investment than that Wolverine or Captain America costume.

Pain is probably an even bigger market for electro. You are basically using all the above on a sub effectively as torture. Around 98% of electro porn consists of guys being abused and enduring some serious electro to their red-raw cock and ballsack. Usually your prey will be tied up so, as with all S&M play, agree a safe word before you start (try Trump!).

Whether the guy is fully restrained or can wriggle and move a bit is up to you as this is pure sadomasochist territory. You are getting off on causing pain and electro is better for this than any cane, paddle, fuck machine, or ball weight on the market. Don’t get carried away and ramp the voltage right up straight away. It is always more effective to build the pain up slowly and watch his dick to see if you can increase the suffering. If it is deflating, maybe try a different setting.

Don’t let the fukka cum! You can increase his ball pain by edging him tenfold. If he does fire his weapon there is no need to stop the torture. Keep cranking it up as a second load should soon appear. Watching those bollocks turn blue, empty, and deflate as he suffers like a fetish pain pig is all part of the fun. We have seen guys cum five times whilst still tied up under electro-torture. They continue to scream and beg louder and louder like an ISIS recruit with a hardon watching rugby.
Cum also carries electric current which leads me to the best tips for electro-stim. If you want to cause maximum pain, make the circuit run bollock to bollock which will really fry his seed. If you want to drive him nuts, ram it up his ass onto his G-spot. If you want to cause the most stimulation, concentrate the circuit entirely on his shaft. That really excites the swimmers before release. If you want the best ejaculations a guy can produce, use an electro sounding tool down the restrained sub’s cockeye. Once he gets used to it, this will guarantee repeated and amazing sensory orgasms.

When a guy can’t control the pain on his privates (as you have your finger on the power switch) it will eventually become the best sexual pleasure he will ever experience. Welcome to the true border between pain and pleasure. And welcome to electro – you have discovered the truth of never-ending ‘electric’ fun and sex will never be boring again.

If you just want to watch rather than take part, there is one porn film that is the clear leader in electro – ‘Shock Treatment’. It’s a part of the Rough extreme sex line produced by Titan Studio. All the Rough films are top drawer, well cast, produced, and directed by our good friend Tony Buff (watch for an interview with the king of fetish porn in a future edition). Tony is the most twisted fukka ever to hold a camera, let alone be allowed onto a film set… and he is the director!

Shock Treatment has a cast of VERY fit and well-known American porn studs. They’re all subjected to huge chunks of the US national grid through every bit of their sex tackle using nasty toys, many of which have been built by Tony Buff and his team. Think ‘Saw: The Final Chapter’, with a lot more pain and spunk, hotter guys, and a lot more twisted. It climaxes with a truly vicious copper wire unit being wrapped all around poor Derek Da Silva’s shaft and balls. They’re then subjected to extreme jizz-producing voltage. Da Silva told us he still felt the pain two weeks later! For your further enjoyment try ‘Electro Surge’ from Close-up Productions or ‘Electro and Kink’ from BJ Productions.