We thank the IML archives and their regular official photographer​s who have given us pictures which have just come to light of Donald Trump the former President of the USA who unbelievably had a leather title year.

Back in 2008 he won a regional contest in Florida ​giving him the title of Mr Ramrod for the year…as our regular readers will know the Ramrod is a very successful gay fetish bar in Fort Lauderdale. The Ramrod is a great ‘Levi & Leather’ bar that has been the number One attraction for gay men in the sunshine state since 1994 and they have sent a huge number of phenomenal title holders up to IML, Chicago over the years. Donald was one of 52 contestants that year which was eventually won by Mr Palm Springs Leather Gary Iriza who became the IML 30 as it was the Thirtieth year the most famous fetish contest on the planet had been held. To celebrate that landmark there was a large form book produced and the whole event was filmed and released to the Film Festival Circuit with the fantastic ‘Kink crusaders’ movie which we have previously featured in AT. In the movie you can clearly see Donald a couple of times as he progressed through the 5-day contest held in the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Chicago.

He entered the contest just before he started doing the Apprentice TV show which he started later that year. It seems back in 2008 he was keen to be the most important leatherman on the planet and he showed no interest in politics whatsoever which of course would change a number of years later. IML consists of several rounds on various nights in Chicago every May starting with The Opening Ceremony (where he drew his contestant number 23), 2 days of interviews with the 9-man International judging panel, Pecs and Personality and the final cuts followed by the Top 20 speeches etc and then the eventual sashing of the winner and International Mr Bootblack.

Unfortunately, no pictures of the overweight future politician in the Pecs round have appeared yet where the guys just wear leather chaps, harness and jock strap which may be good news to him as at 61yo at the time he was no Channing Tatum or David Beckham and one can only imagine how saggy that ass was on that main stage. In the pictures he is seen seated actually next to the eventual winner Gary Iriza during orientation, in the backstage Green Room & on the large stage but generally it seems that most of the other contestants did not really like him that much as he just talked about himself all the time and would not listen to anyone else & he was not that popular a member the brotherhood or the class of ’08

He unfortunately came 52nd out of the 52 contestants possibly due to a fractious judges’ interview where he kept repeating that he was the best contestant ever and he insisted on seeing the judges birth certificates whilst also stating that the other titleholders were fake and that no part of his leather outfit was made in Mexico or  Chiiiinah and it was only his steel nipple piercing that was not from the USA being a gift from a Russian friend who he did watersports with occasionally. He also had a public row in the First-floor bar of the host hotel Hyatt Regency with IML owner the since sadly passed away king of gay fetish Chuck Renslow when he kept telling him he was the only man who could make IML great again….he was then pulled away in an arm lock by real life San Francisco cop Lenny Broberg who was that year’s host and a couple of the tally masters who were very, very drunk. Due to his poor performance his sponsors Chick-fil-A, QAnon, Viagra, Anusol pile cream and Leather Apparel retailer in Pyongyang have since denied any involvement in the very unsuccessful campaign. Not being selected as ‘Top 20’ meant that he did not get a chance to deliver his 90 second speach which was due to be about how much he liked Gays in the military and after the contest he went on record claiming the whole thing was ‘Rigged’ and that he had won anyway by 11,800 votes. He then declared he had plans to enter MIR (Mr International Rubber) in 4 years’ time which he did not do due to his TV commitments.


Written by Paul Stag

Paul is an international porn star and a long time editor for Alphatribe magazine.


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